Friday, March 29, 2013

Of healthy gains and a hot house mystery~~~

Hello My Darklings,

Today was a day to cheer.  I was able to bathe myself with no help at all, but I did need a little help getting in and out of the tub, yes I wanted to use the tub, just soaking in the hot water was such a pleasure. 

Ella even put in one of my favorite bubble baths Gregorio's Beverly Hills',  the fragrance was heavenly, and Ella teased me with a little rubber ducky that looks like a vampire.   Where she found that I do not know but he's going to be the mascot for the bathroom.

Such a wonderful pleasure soaking in such a lovely scented environment, I felt so pampered and enjoying the feeling of luxury.  Every Elderly Goth should indulge in that at least once a week.  

My Therapist came by this morning and we worked on the muscles and range of motion and she was very, very pleased, I've been doing my exercises, painful as they are, I've been forcing myself to do them.   And the massage therapist was here this afternoon, she felt that some of the back muscles are beginning to loosen up and I have to agree, between the heat, exercises and the massage as well as the medication my spasms have been less, and I've been able to sleep these last 3 night all through the night without a spasm waking me up.

Such a relief!

But not until the Doctor pronounces me able to go back to work will I be able to cheer.  I've been walking around the main floor of the house and the garden to build up my leg muscles and endurance, but I still tire, Louise says it will get better it just takes time.   I have to remember I'm 60 something, not 20 something.

Marie has left to visit her children this weekend, she won't be back until Monday evening, but Doyle will be home with me.  Since he's had a few days off he took Belladonna to her pet groomer's to be pretty for Easter.

I know Darklings that sounds so spoiled and such but except for nieces and nephews I do not have children of my own, and considering the situation how I found her, I think spoiling her is worth it.   Doyle had a chance to call his children long distance, they are back East visiting family and they said that next time they'll plan on visiting during the 4th of July instead of Easter week, they are still having snow problems in some areas.

We only see Doyles' children occasionally because they live so far South out of town, like well down in San Diego and Los Angeles, but they have to go where the jobs are, which is sad, so getting a call from them is such a joy.  And we are glad they are doing well.

I managed to walk in the garden and hot house this morning and such a warm morning it is, but the heat felt good.

I sat on the bench in the hot house, enjoying the pond and the Koi and admiring the Orchids,  my gardener came by and said that he found what appears to be an old pond path and foundations for something within the hothouse,  so I slowly followed him and it appears that the old pond stream path meets where the current pond is but then it winds back again, he found what appeared to be small bridges that cross the stream path and going back further there was covered by dirt, foundations to something that went up and in the back of it an old cement bench that looks like rock.  He said that the bridges had to be strong enough to hold a person's weight or it would not make sense to have them where they are, he's going to remove more of the dirt from this bench area and such because he thinks it might hold a clue as to the full interior design of the Hot House.   He thinks that it was not to encourage seedlings because another section of the hot house is more set up like a green house for that, but that the area with the pond is was for displaying plants, but the big question is what was it like.

I pondered on that and then remembered that my Great Aunt was very big on photographing everything in and around her home,  I said that I would have Doyle help me go through the photo albums; we may find a clue in them.  My Gardener was very excited about that, seems he loves mysteries.

So when Doyle returns with Belladonna we'll look into that.  Frankly I love the idea of finding out more of what the house and grounds contain and are hiding. 

But for now it's time for my nap, Louise is saying it's time to rest, and she is right I do feel tired.  As I find out more information on the hot house I will let you know.

Later Darklings


  1. Your garden must be amazing! You should post some pictures of it sometime.

    It sounds like you're recovering well, I'll bet you'll be glad once you're back to full health again though. It must be hard having to go through a slow process like that.

  2. Hello Kellie,

    Yes it is hard to recover, but everyday that I can do something more is always a gain.

    Having the good wishes and thoughts of family, friends and blog friends is very uplifting, a wonderful positive re-enforcement. Thank You!

    You have a wonderful Easter Holiday, all the best to you.