Monday, November 24, 2014

Of Concerns about the Ferguson decision~~~~~~

Hello My Darklings,

It's unusual for me to be writing this early in the morning, but I am home right now and waiting for my "Merry Maids" to help me "fluff and dust" the house for the Thanksgiving celebrations.

They will make it much easier for me to just give the house a quick vacuuming and wiping down the day before the festivities.  The House Trust covers anytime I have to use their services.

Doyle is at work in the City, my sister is at her home working with clients.

But Doyle advised both of us to be on the alert in case a decision is rendered by the Grand Jury on the Ferguson incident.

Tensions are high, riots are expected.  Of course there will be marches, but there are criminal elements showing up to do harm and destruction.  Already several persons from out of town were arrested in Ferguson for having weapons and bomb making or pipe bomb devises.

Doyle heard that the word is out that the high possibility of protest marches in the City and near by maybe a reality.  Much like the "Occupy (insert name of city here)"  marches which led to destruction of property and interruption of commerce and ordinary people trying to get to work to earn money to pay their bills and put food on the table.

Doyle advised that if we have to leave our homes to be sure to carry our cellphones, leave them on and he'll call the minute he gets word and for us to come home by our planned alternate routes.

I do have thoughts on this situation, but I will keep my own opinions and not voice them.

What I do object to is how these situations give destructive, violent people access to place everyone in jeopardy.    Many of the protestors that were doing destruction were from out of town. 

And they weakened the message of the "Occupy" movement. 

Doyle having been a former police officer (retired) knows the stresses that can happen, knows the split decision making, knows that there are a lot of good cops out there, and that there are bad one's that should be removed.  

But to tar them all with the same brush?   Unless one has walked in a police officers shoes, face the dangers they face, realize the stupidity and self-entitlement the perpetrators think they have which can create a dangerous situation, then do not do a Monday morning quarter-backing.

One time I and my brother(younger) were stopped by a police officer, we followed everything the officer said carefully, we listened carefully to what he was saying, we kept our hands out where he could see them, we did not make any false moves that could be misinterpreted.

It turned out that our car was the same make, model and color of one that was just used in a robbery where someone was shot.  Two white persons were involved, it was believed one was  female.

We complied, I allowed them to search the vehicle, we gave statements, HAD our I.D.'s with us (which many people including criminals never carry).  Could verify our purchases (had receipts).

In the end the officers apologized to us and Thanked Us for our co-operation, and just as we were about to get into the car we heard that the actual robbers had been captured. 

It does not matter what color you are, always have I.D. always comply with orders because those police officers are under stress, if you are handcuffed do not resist because it is for everyone's safety.  And if you have nothing to hide, if you are telling the truth, your stories will match.

But the minute you start hiding the truth, its all over.   I do wish the "COPS" show was still being shown on regular broadcast T.V.  because it is a learning lesson of what not to do, and WHY criminals are caught. 

I remember watching the show and I would cheer for the police dog.  That may sound vicious, but they can go where no officer can, and they are considered officers as well.  I donate to the program for police vests for police dogs.

So for the next few days, maybe a week, if I have to leave the house I'll tell Doyle and keep my cell phone on, just in case and pray that any protests will be peaceful.

Later Darklings.

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