Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Of Happy Thanksgiving~~~~

Dear Darklings,

The pies are baking for tomorrow, the Jell-O desserts for those that like wiggly things with fruit inside are chilling.

The table is set with glass and plate wear upside down to keep the dust off.

Scented candles have been burning and are set to burn tomorrow.

Sis came across a recipe for German Chocolate cookies and baked them, heavenly.

The yams have been boiled and peeled and are ready to bake tomorrow, the Turkey is thawed, the stuffing (home made) has been made and ready to go into the bird.

Veggies are washed and waiting in the Refrigerator to be cooked, pans and pots for each dish to be prepared are labeled.

Doyle has been doing yeoman duty keeping the dogs amused and getting for us any thing we need,  Louise came by with her friend and have been helping with anything that needs to be done for tonight. 

Doyle has set candles in the fireplaces to be burned as it maybe a spare the air day tomorrow.

My contractor has called and said he can start on shifting the location of the gates next week.

The wines have been chosen, the soft drinks chilling.

Everyone has called and confirmed when they will be here and what they are bringing.

The house is sparkling inside and out because Doyle decided to put up the white lights outside last weekend, everything is warm and cozy and Doyle has gone to get our "go-to" Chinese Dinner which we will enjoy. 

Right now as we wait, Sis, Louise, her friend Carol and I are going to relax with some tea as we listen to 1920's jazz playing on my old fashion looking radio that plays C.D's 

And then we all decided that we need to watch an old-fashioned Sherlock Holmes movie, maybe two, with Basil Rathbone.  It's that kind of evening.

We feel thankful for the blessings we have received, we've had our ups and downs, our joys and grief's,  we've been luckier than most, but we don't take it for granted. 

Part of our thing is we took 4 fresh turkeys yesterday to one of the vital soup kitchens to serve food for those not so lucky, we've donated to the Food Pantry as well, there are some charities that will be needing financial help this Holiday Season and we'll contribute to them, Toys for Tots, a program for wounded warriors and others. 

But we don't do it just during the holidays, but all year long, its just that this time of year is when things are becoming at its darkest and we must continue to shed light to drive darkness away, we must bring love to take away hate, we must give healing to take away pain, we must give courage to replace fear.

And we must Give Thanks for that which we are about to receive, and in doing so we must share with those who have nothing.

Our history has been convoluted, secrets are being revealed, old beliefs are breaking down in the light of truth.

And there for we should Give Thanks that is happening.

But we must not give in to greed, and selfishness, but replace it with compassion and sharing.

We must not think of ourselves but of those around us, all of us who are so imperfect, for in our imperfections we create uniqueness and in doing so we see many different facets of the lives around us.

And therefor we should Give Thanks for all the Blessings that we receive whether we know of them or not. 

For if one person does a kindness it echo's on to the next and the next and the next, even if we do not know where it came from, We Should Give Thanks.

Later Darklings
Wishing all of you a Happy Thanksgiving

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