Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Of Having voted and now taking a bit of quiet time~~~~

Hello My Darklings,

To those of you who are of voting age here in the United States---Have you voted?

I did, and no I won't tell you how I voted, except that I voted with my conscious on what I felt was right and what I felt was wrong.  Voting is a very serious business in my family, we take it very seriously to the point where we would have discussions on the pro's and con's of the candidates and the propositions.

But only after they have been in office or the proposition has been put to the test do we really know how well it will work.

And I will leave it at that.

I've been, with a little help, taking down the outside decorations, bit by bit and checking them over, making notes for repairs or replacement.   The garden in the front and the back looks sad, cold and bear.  My gardener will be putting stuff down to protect the roots of some of the plants in case of a severe cold snap.

Doyle just got back from an early morning conference and announced he needs new pajama's, so in the next few minutes, we will go shopping for PJ's.  How mundane!  But necessary.  There are a few high end men's shops in the city so we will drive there, have an early dinner and then come home, Doyle wants to wait until after the heavy commute has passed when we return home. 

Frankly I think he wants to use it as an excuse for a quiet evening out.  I don't mind, I enjoy time with him.

But until the flurry of Thanksgiving, I think we will button down the house for winter, and go into our quiet time.

Must go Darklings

Later Darklings

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