Sunday, November 2, 2014

Of going out and having more spooky fun~~~

Well Darklings,

Sis and I will be leaving in a few minutes, Brian is taking us to our hotel in S.F. and we are leaving the men folk to have a sense of bachelor freedom, although I will call Doyle to let him know when we arrive safely at the theatre, when we leave and when we arrive safely back at our hotel.

Dear man does worry about us. 

I have also posted on the My Pages links Part 2 on my Thoughts on Horror Literature---I have to confess it is a much longer essay than I suspected by I had to admit, even in my brush up research on it I and going to add these tales of fear, mystery and terror to my library, to either read to myself or read out loud to whomever wants to listen.

You will see it under the section of Mysteries and Thoughts----enjoy Part 2.

Later Darklings

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