Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Of the repercussions of Ferguson~~~~

Hello Darklings,

My niece "Coralline" called me last night to see if I was safe.  She was very worried, and understandably so.

I assured her that the protests being done where I live is far enough away from mine and Sis's homes and we were all safe.

My sister in law and others who work nearby were permitted to leave early and their office closed early because already people were milling about and it didn't look good, she managed to catch a BART train out of town to her area and pick up the children since their after school programs were cancelled.

I've been home and fortunately Sis's last client was at 3 p.m. and left before it got dark.  Doyle was still in the City,  he managed to come home by going down south towards San Mateo  took the San Mateo bridge back over then took the back roads home, he was exhausted, tired and hungry.

His office advised that unless you had to be in the field to do your reports from home.  Which he is, all of Sis's afternoon clients today cancelled, so after the last one we went via a different route to the store to get a few last things. 

And we were surprised at how calm and peaceful it was in the store, people looking over the baked pies and strudel to buy for Thursday's Thanksgiving,  picking over celery, potatoes, yams (which I bought, I completely forgot about the yams), even flowers.  I found some scented candles in cinnamon and vanilla so I bought those. 

And I found the latest issue of "Guns of the Old West" winter issue,  for Doyle, it talks about the history of various people outlaws and law men, recreational reading for Doyle.

But it was the calmness that I found refreshing, the complete ordinariness of it all.  For the people here it was as if nothing had happened, the people here have their own lives to lead, budgets to maintain, a turkey to defrost and roast.  Let us be thankful for that. 

Sis does not have any appointments scheduled tomorrow and she would have cancelled them anyway until things settled down.

There were protests, blockage of freeways, looting, vandalism, some small fires set, not like in Ferguson but enough to be of serious concern.  There maybe even more tonight.

I am not going to remark about this event or the Grand Jury's Decision which I know was based on evidence and eye witnesses testimony.

But what I do have to say is this----Does anyone remember people rioting when O.J. Simpson was found not guilty?   I certainly don't.

I know that sounds callous and cruel but really, does anyone remember what happened after that decision?  I know I was not happy about it, I know a number of people were not happy about it, but I don't remember any protests.  Do you?

Later Darklings

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