Friday, November 7, 2014

Of feeling as if I was in "Sherlock Holmes London"~~~~

Hello Darklings
Well I was up early this morning as per usual and while waiting  for the  coffee to perk I went out onto the porch and watered my herbs, I don’t cook with them or anything I just enjoy the scent of them, the sage, basil, thyme, oregano and Rosemary, and I was surprised to see that the leaves and such were damp, a wettish damp.  When I looked up I saw that we had a sort of fog, now that’s really low cloud cover, but it felt just right and perfect for such a day.  I felt as if I had gone back in time to old San Francisco or old London, expecting to see Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson looking for clues in my garden or perhaps Jack the ripper emerging from the fog, it was refreshing really.

The birds were busy as per usual, but what really surprised me was a fat squirrel with a fluffy bushy tail, he was walking on the edge of the fence and came close to the house, then jumping to the plum tree, and looking around, he  saw me and just looked at me with his bright energetic eyes, totally unafraid, I think he was judging if I had any walnuts or unsalted peanuts for him, and if I did I’m sure he would have come right up the steps for them as well.  But I do not try to encourage them, they carry fleas and such so I just watch them from a distance.

The dogs were not with me, preferring to sleep in with Doyle and when they did get up it was like watching sleepy, grumpy children not wanting to get up to go to school, almost comical in a way, their yawning as they go to the back porch with  drowsy looks on their faces. 

Doyle is enjoying the comfort of his pajama’s he says he’s sleeping better at night which is good, tomorrow Belladonna and Weiner Dog will be getting their monthly bath  and flea treatment and then I’ll have to make an appointment for their nail trim.

The bird’s did get startled a bit later, and there’s a tree trimmer on the end of the next block cutting down branches of a tall tree, well there’s about 3 or 4 tall trees, I don’t know if they are cedar or redwood but I felt unhappy about that, we need trees and such for oxygen and they look so refreshing to see, but then it has been a terrible drought, they maybe diseased or so dried out that their roots are endangering water and sewer lines, it’s sad really, I hate to see a tree cut down, but if it does endanger property one then has no choice.

 I have been asked by Street Maintenance if I wanted another tree planted in the front, since the old one fell over a few years ago and I said “NO!”  I didn’t need to deal with tree roots!   I have enough problems with the trees in the back yard.  As a matter of fact I’m thinking of having a shut off value put on one of the water lines that feeds water to the far back garden faucet, we  use it only rarely and I prefer a drip line, but since I do have trees out there if the roots are entangled with the pipe line it could become a problem should a tree fall over.  But I don’t want to remove it either, so a shut off value under the house and accessed through the basement would be best.  That way if I need to use it I can open up the shut off valve. 
I got together this afternoon with my cousin Louise, she wanted me to go with her to Dress Barn to find a nice fancy but not too fancy dress for a special event she and a friend are going to, she thought she had something to use but when she went through her things she found she couldn’t fit into them any more, she hadn't worn them in years so more donations to charity,  I told her Dress Barn carried nice dress for women from size 4 to 24.
So we went there and found a lovely dress and shoes to match, and a very nice dressy but inexpensive watch, she did have a very nice light wool shawl that would work very well for warmth, so she was happy with her finds, so then we decided to grab coffee and a pastry at Starbucks. 
When I returned home after dropping off Louise I found that Doyle had done his small project  today but he had to wait until the garbage bins were dry from the damp and spray paint our street numbers on them so they won’t get stolen again.  Cost $54 dollars to replace each bin, unless they are broken.
Yes Darklings some one stole our Garbage bin and our Recycling bin 2 weeks ago after the pick up, since no one was home to pull them in they were stolen, our Green recycling bin was still there, Thank goodness, and we were able to get them replaced for free, but one can only do that once a year, otherwise $54 dollars per bin.   I don't mind paying for things but not when someone thinks they can get something for nothing.
Doyle thinks its "Crazy Joe's" doing, yes he came home after his last escapade, they (the head doctors) deemed him not a danger to himself or to others.  Oh if they only really knew.  But with our street number on it, it should discourage him, we hope.
And tomorrow will be an easy day even with the dog bathing, and I can take care of a few things odds and ends.
But I feel sort of twix and tween, sort of down, like I can’t do anything but that’s wrong because part of me does feel positive.   I was wondering if the Full Moon from last night had anything to do with it.  It was a beautiful Full Moon, but no we did not howl at it this time. 
Thanks to crock pot cookery dinner is almost done, but I think I will do some reading tonight, even if Doyle wants to watch "Blue Bloods" (he loves that show---and Tom Selleck is still handsome to look at) No I think I'll pull out a murder mystery to read. 
Last night we were watching the news and they talked about an event that I had nearly forgotten, Doyle was saying something to me  then he became quiet to listen as well to the news story. 
Every one has heard about the Zodiac killings, the Hill Side Strangler, the Manson murders, but hardly anyone ever speaks about a killing spree that was labeled the "Zebra Murders".  This occurred in 1974 in the City.  I remember Mother and Dad were grateful that the job that I had at that time was on this side of the Bay.
It's hard but what it was, was a group of Black Men who were labeled as the "Death Angels" were killing white people a total of 16 murders, either shot or hacked to death.  Former Mayor Art Agnos, before he became mayor was one of their victims. 
But I remembered the fear with that and for that year I refused to go to any events in the City, one never knew when the next killing would take place, it was a terrifying time.  Some groups were saying that the S.F. P.D were racial profiling but the descriptions of these young men fitted a lot of people, not until a composite picture of one of them was printed did the police finally get a break.
40 years ago, had it been that long ago?  The memory of that fear at that time never left me and left me very cautious.  And are we anywhere closer to being safe, now with drive by shootings, and violent robberies. 
The "Zebra Murders" are not well covered only two books have come out over the years one of them is now out of print but you can read it on line, the other one came out in 2006 but some people say that the authors are looking at it not as a police procedural but as a race question.  I don't know but since I do have several works on the Zodiac on my shelves I think I'll see what I can do about this subject as well.  It is San Francisco/Bay Area history as sad, violent and tragic as it is.
And yet, I will pull out a mystery to read, but I think it will be an Agatha Christie and I'll sip a cup of chamomile tea with it.  I know Belladonna will snuggle next to me as Weiner Dog will snooze in Doyle's lap, yes we are a pair of homebodies. 
Later Darklings


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