Sunday, November 23, 2014

Of Thanksgiving shopping~~~~

Dear Darklings,

I and my sister are exhausted!!!!  

We did the bulk of our shopping today, both for general use and specifically for Thanksgiving,  Doyle drove us, but wisely brought along a book to read and said "I'll wait in the car while you ladies shop, if need be I can use the store bathroom."

We were lucky in getting a parking spot, so close to the front and we managed to snag two carts, but I swear people were driving as if they were not seeing where they were suppose to go, and people were walking in front of moving vehicles as if they didn't know where to go.

It was a miracle no one was hurt or killed.  

And the aisles in the store was jammed packed with shoppers, leaving their carts in the middle of the aisle while they wandered further down.

There was one cart right in the middle, no space to go left or right, and my sister, well sometimes she amazes me, she went right up to the cart moved it and then yelled "To Whomever left your cart in the middle of the aisle, I WILL MOVE IT to one side, don't block the walk way!!!"   and considering there was about 8 or 9 people they turned looked at Sis as she manhandled the cart over and they didn't say a word and no one owned up to it. 

We continued down the aisle got what we needed then as we turned at the end I glanced back and saw a very sheepish looking young man who was in the aisle as Sis made her announcement, claim his cart. 

Everyone had that turkey glaze look, where's the gravy--it's right in front of you.   They see yet they don't see.  Sis and I were afraid to think how the Christmas shopping was going to be.

But one poor husband and wife (young), were having a problem pushing their overloaded cart, but Sis and I saw what was the problem, it was not balanced properly and we informed them of that.

So all 4 of us redistributed everything, Sis and I showed them how to put things in the cart so nothing would get crushed and how to balance the weight to get good traction, when we were done the wife said "Oh look we've got more space in the cart!!!  I don't have to do a second trip!!"   and yes there was more space in the cart.  They thanked us for the lesson and happily went looking for more goodies.

We had our lists, went up and down the aisles starting first with fruit and veggies, moved to meats and cold cuts, then boxed, canned and bottled items, heading to dairy and frozen goods, finishing with bakery goods. 

Then standing in line and standing in line and standing in line and standing in line, all the lines were full.

We got out and found Doyle asleep in the car, so loaded things in the trunk and came home to put everything away, now Sis is in her favorite chair, I'm typing this post, Doyle has gone to pick up our favorite go-to Chinese dinner while a berry pie is baking in the oven,  not to worry Darklings I bought plenty of pies.

Then we'll have an early dinner, Sis will check things at her home and then come back for dessert while the three of us to watch our favorite shows on T.V.

Doyle did ask what took us so long, Sis and I merely looked at each other, and Doyle took the hint and offered to spring for dinner. 

I maybe able to squeeze in a little reading, I just started Dean Koontz's book "Forever Odd" one of his Odd Thomas series, I like how he writes and uses descriptive words and even within the narrative gives voice to opinions that many of us have. 

In the mean time Darklings, all of you have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving Holiday.

Later Darklings

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  1. You shopping day sounded a lot like mine. It is the holiday crazies...everyone is just overwhelmed I guess.

    The Dean Koontz book sounds like something I would like so I may pick it up here at the library where I work to have something new to read over Christmas break. I tend to re-read a lot but something different would be welcome right now.

    Thanks for mentioning it.