Thursday, November 20, 2014

Of the Answer to the strange Guessing Game~~~~

Hello Darklings,

I'm sure most of you guessed the answer, and have refrained from posting it, to those who saw but wasn't sure, well don't worry Darklings, even I wasn't sure at first.

The simple answer is ---the Lady in the picture, oh she is human----but  She's Dead!

Yes Darklings she is dead, embalmed and posed with her favorite things, wine, Bingo, cigarettes, etc. 

It seems that this is a slowly emerging new trend in funeral arrangements, a bit morbid for my taste but who knows.

I've heard of several others, a woman in her favorite sexy nightgown posed in her Ferrari and she was buried in it too.

A man posed on his favorite motorcycle in full cycle gear, and a few others.  Not many but a few as I'm sure there have been.

Well there had been jokes going around when Roy Rogers had Bullet the dog and Trigger "stuffed", when he died very in poor taste jokes were going around asking if Dale had Roy "stuffed".

But it seems that the deceased in planning their funerals wanted it to be a celebration of their life, and to not going around all weepy eyed, but to just live it up.  Frankly for some people I think that's a wonderful idea, after all we go to haunted houses to see spooky tableau's why not?

I remember a story, or maybe its just an urban myth.  There was a fun house dark ride and one of the figures was that of a gruesome looking body that was hung, some years later when they were re-vamping the dark ride it turned out that it was not a prop but a real body that had been in the dark ride for years, where it came from no one knew.  Strange things happen. 

That's why I like(d) the CSI series and Bones they would find the most gruesome things, but I was told by a writer friend of mine who has done T.V. scripts that a lot of those are based on actual events that have happened and then they tie it into a story line.  He told me some writers use to joke "what kind of horrible death can we use this week."   Not at all tasteful, but not untrue either.

Mom wanted to put on Dad's tombstone "Gone Fishing" with a fish splashing out of the water, but a couple of relatives were horrified, so a year later on the anniversary of his passing we put flowers on his grave and Mom stuck a small wooden sign she made with the same words.  She was going to have the last say in the matter.  That sign stayed there until it fell apart, next year we're going to put up a new one.

But I'm afraid I am a bit of a traditionalist, I'll want the simple boring funeral service, but I'm choosing the music I want to be played, such as Bach's "Toccata and Fugue"  Some Gregorian Chants, maybe Mozart's Requiem I haven't thought it out yet.

But I do want my hands to be over my chest with a lily in one hand, like Lily Munster,  I don't care if its a silk lily that is what I want. 

And now I must sign off, the timer went off and Doyle has pulled the stuffed Bell Peppers from the oven.

Later Darklings


  1. In the local cemetery where I give tours, there's a headstone that reads "Gone Shopping". She was quite young with she died.

    1. In a way it is good to be able to "laugh" at death, I certainly don't want anyone cry, but to dance at my funeral.

      It's sad when they pass away so young, but at least her headstone shows the right outlook.

      Hmmm cemetery tours, that must be interesting and fun.

    2. Indeed, I always smile when I walk by her headstone.

      While I enjoy sharing a bit of history with folks taking the tour, I also enjoy hearing their stories.

  2. Goodness...I would never have guessed that was what was going on in that picture. I like the idea that a person can be "celebrated". Not sure I would want something similar but I am glad to see this. Finding unique ways to honor someone's life and passing is very important and if having fun with it helps those involved I say "Go for it!"

    Have you seen this video? It is Dance in the Graveyard by Dela Rae.