Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Of what to wear when lounging and it's freezing cold~~~

Yes My Darklings,

It is COLD!!  Freezing cold!!  Or as Dad would say coming in from the outside "It's colder than a Well-diggers backside!!"   He was always polite around Mom and us children.

But yes how does one look glamorous and be warm.  Well I do have a few suggestions, taking into account the limitations offered out there that is affordable.

I love looking at items offered by Dress Barn, Jessica London, Roman's, Woman With-in, even the J. Peterman Catalogue, and of course Victorian Trading Company. 

And although the later offers lovely items to relax in, one has to be practical as well.  Which goes against my saying to also be glamorous but it is Cold outside and its no fun coming down with a cold or the flu.

So I perused though a few of the affordable items from some of the aforementioned websites and I'm come up with a few suggestions. 

This is a chinelle bed jacket which you can wear even over a long lounge robe or wear in bed while watching T.V. or reading

a lovely long embroidered lounge caftan

A velour bed jacket, I like this one with the satin trimming.
This is a lovely light weight 2 piece but not quite warm enough
This is certainly fetching to wear under the lounge robe
But always wear lovely yet warm slippers, it's important to keep the feet warm as well

and a lovely lounge robe velour in red

Well my Darklings this is just a few items that I can suggest for looking lovely on a cold winter's night, and you can always add a nice warm fleece blanket to add to your comfort. 

Later Darklings.


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