Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Of having finished my Essay~~~~

Hello My Darklings,

Yes I have finished my essay on "My thoughts on Horror Literature" and yes it is in 3, count them 3 parts.

I suggest that you print it out to read at your leisure, that way you are not "stuck" to your computer.

I had not realized that I had so much to say but I guess I did. 

Now some of you may complain that I didn't talk about YOUR favorite author, well there is a good reason for that.  I have work to do and other things to take care of. 

If you are really into reading Horror Fiction, I'd suggest, especially during these upcoming long and cold nights to get together a reading group to discuss these various works and suggest titles to each other.

And Do NOT include graphic novels, that's cheating!  No I'm talking about the printed word.  Darklings you could have a lot of fun, decorate your meeting room with cushions and comfortable chairs, make it look Victorian, dress Victorian or Steampunk Goth or what ever it will take to be fun, even plan a "movie night" to compare the book to the movie or even what movies are trying to suggest, but go back go WAY back in films to the early silent movies.  And everyone bring something to eat and drink but watch out of alcohol, not a good thing, stay with tea, soft drinks, or coffee.

Do you know I had a chance to see a silent version of "Frankenstein" and was cringing at how the Monster was being created.  When I saw "The Haunting" with my sister we were so scared we had to climb in bed with Mother, poor Dad went to sleep on the living room couch to make room, claiming he'd get a baseball bat to keep the monsters away.

You can make it fun Darklings, just put some thought into it.

You will find my essay on the links side under Mysteries and Thoughts and remember its in 3 parts.

And now for dinner and "Supernatural".  That Jensen Ackles is so cute!  But don't tell Doyle I said so.

Later Darklings

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