Monday, November 17, 2014

Of minor excitment and getting Ready for Thanksgiving~~~

Hello My Darklings,

Well I know I have not been posting for a while, partly because I was called back to work to fill in for several staff persons, one on vacation and two who are down sick with colds. 

Fortunately the work was not arduous mostly inputting information into the data base, but since I'm a very detailed oriented person, and there was a fair amount of work for the others, I said I could handle it. 

It felt good to be back briefly at my old work place, but I also remembered why I chose to go into semi-retirement and be "on-call" status.  I think what I miss is my co-workers, us having a laugh, grabbing a bit of lunch at one of our favorite places near-by,  but we did have a bit of a City moment last week.

I and 3 of my co-workers decided to have lunch out, and we called our order in advance, it was only a half-block walk but as we walked up the street there jumped out in front of us was a very naked man wearing only tennis shoes---I guess he didn't want to get his feet cut from any broken glass. 

He proceeded to dance from one foot to the other, the third leg of him bouncing in rhythm but although my female co-worker was shocked I laughed after I got over the suddenness of it and said "Is that all you've got---That is pitiful!" and our two male co-workers called the police, I and Paul stayed behind while our friends went to save our lunches, fortunately the police showed up quickly, and we pointed the man out who by this time he'd put on a long coat but was being held by two workmen from a near by construction job.

It seems my remark sort of stunned the man and slowed down his escape allowing for him to be captured.  So he is going to a psych ward for Thanksgiving and fortunately we did have our lunch.  As we were eating Paul asked me if that display shocked me and I said that I was surprised that the cold didn't affect his "third leg".  Meg, my co-work nearly snorted her coffee up her nose with that remark. 

I have to admit Darklings, I've reached a phase in my life where I will say almost what I think.

We had wondered if it was a Full Moon but that occurred on Nov 6, and we were in the quarter portion. 

But I was wondering if there is something in the air because the night before, Doyle and I were reading in the family parlor when we heard a loud thump bang on the outside of the house, Doyle went out and saw that our neighbors crazy son was quickly walking down our drive way spots Doyle and immediately starts yelling obscenities to Doyle, Doyle wants to walk up the driveway to see what "Crazy" has done but "Crazy" keeps blocking Doyle's path.   Doyle is wise enough to not get close to him but keeps him pretty much in place, of course people are looking out their windows and I went in to call the police because of "Crazy" trespassing onto our property. 

They showed up pretty quickly and Doyle stayed back and started giving information while "Crazy" was talking to the other officers claiming that we had an Ultrasound Machine and we're projecting sound waves into his head. 

Doyle and the officer walk up the driveway to see if there's damaged and found that about 4 feet of telephone cable had been pulled out of the basement connection and out into the driveway, but our phone and internet connection was not affected.

In going into the basement we realized that the line repairman had left a lot of cable and the rest was anchored to a beam in the basement, which explains why "Crazy" could only pull out 4 feet.  He claimed he was trying to dismantle the Ultrasound machine---our phone lines.  But because the way the lineman had installed our line our system did not appear to be damaged but we called for a check up anyway to be sure.

"Crazy" in the meantime was hauled away and will also spend Thanksgiving in a psych ward, and possible charges of attempted vandalism might be filed against him. 

The drive way gate to the house is set far back so it was easy access for "Crazy to walk up the driveway, but I am going to see if my contractor can move the gate down towards the front to be even with the  period iron fencing, I had been thinking about that for a while but this only confirms that it needs to be done.

And then this event in the City.  My co-workers think it has to be something in the water. 

Sis and I in the mean time have been purchasing tidbits of things for Thanksgiving, I'd love to make home made cranberry sauce but the canned version displays itself so much better although I do have that simple recipe for it. We have been making rum balls and Bourbon balls but we'll have to label it for grown ups, don't want the children getting strange.

And of course the sweet pickles and small picked onions all for luck, olives several kinds---black, pimento, onion stuffed and any strange goodies,  I'm afraid we are buying bottled gravy chicken of course,  the turkey has been ordered. 

And we are planning on what types of pies, considering that we'll have 20 people over at least, it's a good size bird, and we have to have all kinds of things to purchase,  Frozen items will not be a problem we'll buy it next Sunday, fresh items will have to be on Tuesday and  Sis and I will have to make an early morning run to the store for that. 

Fortunately my Cousin Louise and her friend are helping out and will have all the table and glass wear down and ready.  Wednesday will be a lot of pre-cooking and making, all the traditional items that Mom use to serve.  But Thursday will be the heavy part of it, Thanks goodness for my O'Keefe and Merritt two oven six burner, with warming ovens stove.  It is a trouper.

Fortunately some items will be made by some of our guests which will take some burden off, and I'm glad that Doyle suggested buying those two extra Micro-wave ovens they will come in handy.

But before the festivities can start I have a small plumbing problem that is now being worked on as I type this.  A small leak developed in one of the pipes in the basement, which leads to the kitchen sink, it can be fixed from below.  Well when one has an old house what can you expect.

 So that is why I haven't been posting much,  so much to do, and not enough time to do it in, I think I'm going to need Christmas just to relax.   Oh that's right I do have that Black Christmas tree, I think it will go into the entrance hall. 

And we are making plans to go to the Dickens Fair, Dunsmuir house, Coralline wants to see the Nutcracker again, and of course I'm trying to find out where the "Christmas Tree Lanes" will be.

It's strange really, but when I think of Christmas, in terms of music I don't hear the usual Christmas tunes but the Waltz of the Snowflakes from the Nutcracker, where you hear the light voices of children singing.  It's on Youtube.  

But that is the music I hear when I think of the magic of Christmas.

And now I must go, the plumber is calling me, I think the work is done.

Later Darklings

I wish I could add this stain glass window to my home


  1. Goodness! You certainly have had a week of *crazies*. I couldn't stop laughing.

    And now I may need to consider making my own rum balls :D

  2. What an exciting time you have had. I think your comment to the "naked dancer" was perfect. Shows perfect grace under pressure so to speak.

    Yes the holiday prep is underway here as well. Since I am Mom and Grandmother, I host Thanksgiving. My mother is so NOT a cook so I have done so since my Grandmother passed away 5 years ago. But The Husband helps and The Son does some of the cooking.

    I kind of look forward to the holidays being over. The semester is ending and over Christmas/New Years I get two weeks off with no students and a nice calm campus when I get back to work:)

    Hope your holidays are a little less "crazy":)