Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Nails, Nails and More Nails and "666 Park Avenue"


I just love the colors that come out this time of the year, one never knows what colors will develop that catches one’s eye or eyes as the case maybe.

I told you earlier that Estee Lauder has come out with a green nail polish called “Viper” that I find just tingly, she has also come out with other colors that I’ve purchased to expand my “Nail Wardrobe.”  

Yes Darklings, your nails need a wardrobe of colors, now granted I had said in a much earlier post,  that as an Elder/Elderly Goth one should shift to lighter almost flesh tone colors as one ages, but I’m going to do a caveat on that thought.

First as an Elder/Elderly Goth if you are in the Corporate business world then avoid the extreme colors such as Green, Blues and Yellows or Orange, even some dark purples or blacks, look then to the red colors that are the most complimentary for your hands and for being in the business world, no matter what, you do not want your potential customer to be turned off, especially if they are conservative.

But if you are retired, artistic or in a free-floating business then by all means have fun with your nail color, keeping in mind also the condition of your hands, which is also important.

If you take good care of your hands to keep them as free as possible from blemishes, then have fun with the new nail colors that are coming out.  It is only when your hands become so knotty and old should you switch over to lighter tones, but even I would stop and suggest purchasing fingerless lace gloves, so you can have the pleasure of wearing wild nail colors and covering up any blemishes to your hands.   This is especially good when you’re going out in the evenings.

It’s not until you reach a point where even you think that it’s silly or foolish to wear over the top nail color should you then consider rolling back to something more basic and toned down.

So until you come to that decision just be free my Darklings, be free.

With Estee Lauder her nail polish sells for $20.00 a bottle, and I just had to purchase “Viper”, “Bette Noir” a very dark blue, “Chaos”  a grey silver, “Dressed to Kill” a metallic brownish gold, and “Smashed” a deep purple.

But if you are on a budget, at $1.99, Wet and Wild has their Halloween colors out now with deadly names such as “Poison Ivy” a very deep green, “Deadly Dose” a gold metallic, “Toxic Apple” a deep purple, “Root of Evil” a medium to dark blue depending upon how many coats you apply, and “Lethal Injection” a slightly lighter purple.

What I like about those above 5 colors, besides the colors, is that the bottles have a very nice shape and you can turn the labels outward so anyone checking out your makeup will have a slight eye brow lifting moment when they read the names of the colors, something that I thoroughly enjoy.

And if you can find it on Amazon look for “Buffy the Vampire Slayer Purple” and “Gray’s Anatomy” a silvery grey with floating highlights of injury green and purple bruise, these are also by Wet and Wild as a limited edition.

Spoiled, another budget nail brand, has come out with two green colors that I could not resist “Last Chance” so deep a green as to be almost black, and “San Francisco” a deep sparkly green for sparkly vampires. (more on sparkly vampires later)

Remille, a medium price polish at $5.00 a bottle came out with a deep blood red called “Lava Red” #400, that in some lights have a red brown color and in other lights a purple brown.

Sally Hansen has also come out with colors for Halloween and the Fall season, I’ve not been able to review the colors or make a note of their names, but be on the watch for them.

Of course Revlon has come out with non-sparkle or non-frosted nail colors going from yellow to blue to green, but for some reason they did not capture my interest, although I have an artistic friend who is experimenting with using the “flat” colors for painting, something that never occurred to me and certainly worth experimenting with for all you artistic types.

Here in the United States you can buy Spoiled, Wet and Wild and Revlon at either Walgreens or your CVS pharmacy stores or in your slightly better department stores such as J.C. Penny.  

Alright Darklings, I had a chance to watch the pilot episode of “666 Park Avenue”

I’m not going to say that it grabbed me right away, but I did have the fun of figuring out what might happen, for me it was a bit of a guessing game, as well as seeing how the plot will develop. Some of it seemed a bit predictable,  young, bright, upwardly mobile couple, looking for the breaks in the Big Apple, not believing their good fortune and then the doubts begin to creep in. 

Darklings you have to remember at my age I’ve not only read all the 36 basic plot devices I’ve also seen them and in some cases had to live them in real life.  Unless the writers come up with something of a real twist I can almost predict what will happen as the story goes along, so if the writers do not come up with some interesting new twists then it may lose my interest…..BUT…..

One thing for sure, it was very well done, my only major complaint in regards to production was that some of the sound when the actors were talking was a bit muffled, I’m not saying I have a hearing loss, because when it comes to anything on PBS or the other T.V. programs I hear them quiet well, including the lead actor’s voice in “Persons of Interest”.  It might have been how they recorded it or how it was transmitted.   I am going to write to ABC television and let them know.

The review for it was positive and I have to agree with it.  Excellent choice of actors for our villainous looking couple.

This series is loosely based on Gabriella Pierce’s novels, at least it gets its premise from them, and just as it is an on going soap opera mystery, it’s going to be interesting to see all the twists and turns in this little gothicly supernatural, dealing with souls program, if all goes well this could turn into a lovely little guilty pleasure, especially as a metaphor for how one will sell their soul to get ahead.  BUT only if the writers are inventive enough for my taste.

Just as with “Lost” if you are not going to be home then its best to record any episodes you might miss so you won’t miss the fun.   The Drake Apartment building is just as much an actor in this wickedly fun series, sort of like “Burnt Offerings” and “The Shining” with a mix of “Rosemary Baby” and “The Devil’s Advocate” and a tinge of “The Omen”, and although it won’t push the envelope like “American Horror Story” it will be fun to see how things develop and all the ‘inside puns’ which you as the viewer, will be in the know about.

I know I will continue to watch it, for now.

Later Darklings

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