Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Flu Shots and other miseries~~~~

Oh Darklings

yesterday after Fleet Week I was just miserable, miserable, achy miserable.

My doctor being pro-active insisted that I get a series of tests and shots, the tests were nothing, bone density, more blood and urine.

But what was making me miserable is that last week and this week---this week especially, my doctor insisted that I have shots,---Flu of course, but she also wanted me to have the Shingles vaccine and later the Tdap (Diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus).

I had the Shingles vaccine shoot last week, which made my arm a bit sore and bruisy but it passed after 3 days.

But the day before yesterday--- and yesterday I went in to have the Tdap and I wanted to have the flu shot next week, but the technician said that the Doctor didn’t want to waste any time or take a chance with my health.

So---POW!! First left shoulder, then right shoulder!!! I felt miserable Monday even had a headache which I could not shake, so I went home and slept it off. And I didn’t even get a lollypop---Pooh!!! I felt like pouting.

But Tuesday, TUESDAY both my shoulders were aching, it was painful to move them beyond doing just typing. And my joints were aching as well. The left shoulder especially. I’ve taken a pain pill for it but it didn’t seem to be working.

So I did what had to be done, but making dinner out of the question, Doyle was in the City and came by planning that we go home to my place together, I told him how I was feeling, since I wasn’t going to get off for 90 minutes he told me to wait until he got back and when he did he had a reusable tote bag containing Wor wonton soup and other delicacies from a good nearby Chinese take out. Easy to re-heat in the microwave he said.

And being the gallant Night Hawk that he is, he called a taxi that took us to the Ferry to the other side of the bay and from there another Taxi to my home, last night I was to be pampered---so much better than a Lollypop.

No glamour tonight he said and he bundled me into flannel pajama’s (they’re black with red trim) warm slippers (pink) and warm flannel blankets that are black with a white spider web pattern and curled up holding my mug of soup I drank it in my overstuffed chair in the warm, comfortable parlor with the red velvet patterned wall paper and the dark wood wainscoting, pictures of old family members looking down upon us without a thought to any impropriety of our situation.

Belladonna was curled up with me snuggled and warm, Doyle sitting at another chair with a wooden T.V. tray in front of him to hold his dinner and other wooden T.V. trays holding our dinner selections, him telling me about the progress of some cases without divulging any personal information about the clients, sounding like a radio mystery program, then he retrieved for me my laptop to post this to my blog.

Things were feeling so much better, in a few minutes I will have saved this to my flash drive and shut down the laptop and he will be Tivoing NCIS for us to watch later, for last night he read to me a short story or two of Sherlock Holmes---another gothic night hawk and I slowly became drowsy with the comfortable warmth that was spreading over me.

Addendum---Flash Drives and laptops are a plus~~~~

This morning I woke up to a gray and coolish morning, my right shoulder feeling better but the left still sore but this time the pain pill worked. Doyle had to stay on this side of the Bay today, so dropping off Belladonna at her sitter’s he whisked me in his car to the Ferry, to see me off. Now as the Ferry draws closer and closer to the city I type this on my laptop to down load the first chance I get.

Today will be much better, even though it is gray with a tentative promise of rain, which I welcome. I’ll be able to have everything taken care of before Friday as Doyle and I will go to the “Ghost Hunting” event in Columbia. I have no idea what the promise of the weekend will bring, but in any case I’m looking forward to it. One never knows what the next day will bring, and for any Elder/Elderly Goth the excitement of a new day makes life worth living.

Later Darklings

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