Sunday, October 21, 2012

Chilly weather is coming~~~

Oh Darklings,

There is a serious winter chill in the air today,  I had to get out my heavier sweater and get my heavier coat out for tomorrow.

Doyle and I made it back to the Library Booksale and we still found some wonderful titles, I even found the latest biography of Lizzie Borden---she of the little jingle "Lizzie Borden took an ax, gave her Mother 40 whacks and when she saw what she had done she gave her Father 41".

Well the number of whacks of an ax could be disputed but the fact that a murder did occur in board daylight while people were around is one of those Gothic mysteries that I just had to add to my Library.

Doyle was having fun looking for James Patterson and found several titles he had not read, so well worth going back.

Of course we had to do the mundane things like grocery shopping, and I found several new tombstones to add to my front display.

While at the store I came across a wine called "Chocolat Rouge" or wine with a chocolate flavor, the price wasn't bad, so I bought a bottle.  Doyle is skeptical about it so we decided that it is a dessert wine,  I had a chance this evening to read a couple of reviews and they seem fairly positive, but our tasting it will tell us but most likely not until later.

I have a policy of never drinking wine on Sunday evenings, because I feel I need a clear head, now during the week a small amount early in the evening is fine, because I can plan on when I'm going to drink it but never on Sunday.

With the chilly weather after we returned from the sale and shopping I had to put on my grubbies and vacuumed out the heater vents with Doyles' help, and put on the filters for the central heating system, I was glad I had them tested a few weeks ago and all are working fine, and venting properly.  Now I'm exhausted but Doyle is taking pity on me and has gone for Chinese, so I'm relaxing a bit and then I'll hop into the shower to get the dust off of me.

Well Elder/Elderly Goths can't look glamorous all the time Darklings.

But as I put that Lizzie Borden book on my Library shelf I was thinking about other books that would cover such topics to add to my library,  it would make perfect sense for an Elder/Elderly Goth to have something like that as part of their cabinet of curiosities.  Oh I cannot think straight this evening, I must be tired.

Later Darklings

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