Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012~~~~~

Happy Halloween Darklings,

I'm taking a short coffee break here at home,  and finishing putting up the last of the outside decorations.

I'm hoping that it will hold off raining long enough for our young trick or treaters to get lots of treats.

I'm having a few friends over tonight for various munchies and to watch a spooky movie or two, depending on how late they wish to stay.  But I know they will want to stay and watch the first movie  "Poltergeist",  I have two choices for the 2nd movie either the upgraded version of "The Exorcist" or "Amityville Horror"  I think we'll have to cast a vote on the 2nd one.

The one thing I like about my Kitchen and pantry is it's large, and I have two ovens to heat and bake things, as well as a large microwave,  so having done a run to Costco yesterday afternoon and also raiding Nob Hill Foods and Safeway, I have lots of goodies to serve   as well as several bottles of Vampire Wine,  Everyone is coming in costume but I told them to make sure the costumes are something they can be comfortable in.

One of my friends is here now baking "Black Velvet" Cake,  she does a wonderful job, so once the cake is cooled and decorated and safely under it's glass cake dish, she is going home to take care of somethings and then I'll see her later at the party.

Last night Doyle gave me an early Halloween present.   Yes Darklings you can give presents on Halloween if you like.  One was a tiny "hurdy-gurdy" music box and when you crank it it plays "Grim, Grinning, Ghosts" the theme from Disney's Haunted Mansion.  I'm going to take that with me to work on Friday

The other is the Betty Crocker Halloween Cookbook!!!  I love both of his gifts and with the cookbook I can add more Halloween recipes.   Lovely things that I can make all year round.

Doyle, being practical, said that anything that is not heated and eaten we can have for dinner for the next 4 or 5 days, maybe, but my friends can be a very hungry group.

I look forward to Halloween every year, the only thing that can make it a little disappointing is if it rains,  of course back East it must be very sad for a lot of young people because of the Hurricane Sandy,  my friends and I are going to take up a donation to send to one of the agencies that will be assisting those that have been displaced by the storm, we're not sure yet which one but one of my other friends is looking into it.

And you my Darklings can do the same,  if you are going to have a party tonight, set aside a "Cauldron" to take donations to aid those who need help from the storm, look up a legitimate agency, like the Red Cross and see what you can do.   It will be a wonderful Treat for those that received a horrible Trick from the Storm.

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween.

Later Darklings

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