Sunday, October 28, 2012

Returned from the Ghost Confrence~~~

Oh Darklings,

I and Doyle had so much fun at the Conference at Columbia State Park, the weather was beautiful, the speakers were interesting.  Our stay was very comfortable, food was good.  Christopher Allen Poe the great-great Grand nephew of Edgar Allen Poe is a very interesting person and was the dinner guest speaker.

The investigations very fascinating,  I hope I've captured some EVP.   Doyle and I made new friends there, although I'm not big on UFO's or Bigfoot but as they say there are a lot of strange things out there.

And such a perfect way to extend the Halloween season,  as we understand it they are planning to do it again at the same location next year, so I hope all goes well and we can attend again.

We stayed around until a little after noon grabbing a final bite to eat in Sonora before heading home, in many way's I hated leaving the area, but Doyle said we can always plan on taking trips back there,  especially again next October.

Belladonna was a good little girl in her carry all---but we had to keep her crated in our room while we were on the night investigations.   I did ask the managers the next day if there had been any complaints about any sounds coming from her but there wasn't---she was as good as gold.  But glad to be home in familiar surroundings.

Doyle said for us to not bother to make dinner at home, he's going to order our stand by---take out Chinese. 

I've found that several of you have asked for more in depth questions about "What is Goth?"  although I've done a page on that it seems I may need to write a 'part 2' on this question.   Which is very hard as being Goth is hard to define, a Goth just doesn't want to be dissected and analyzed, a Goth simply is...which makes it harder to define.

Doing a follow up will take some time Darklings but I can tell you this, being Goth is an outlook, a way of looking at the world and it encompasses a huge stratum of people who feel that they are on the outside of ordinary conventionality.   But they can see the beauty in darkness and in the extraordinary---I guess I'll have to go at it from a more historical point of view,  because it really can't be pinned down to one point.

So I guess I'll have to do another page on it----please be on the watch for it.

Now Darklings, I must go and take a nap, after all Ghost Hunting can take it out of a person.

Later Darklings

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