Sunday, September 30, 2012

Morning Sunrise ~~~~~ Day


I woke up early to a wonderful almost watery morning sunrise,  the Fall feeling in the air is almost tingly,  so having a cup of coffee with my favorite hazelnut creamer (I have such a weakness for that), I went outside to enjoy the scents and sounds of morning... 

Yes Darklings, I said scents and sounds,  night and day have their own individual feel, and even within Day and Night there are special  hours where you feel one with the world.

For me those moments are when dawn is breaking and you hear the earth waking up, the fingers of dawn stretching out across the land, the beginning twittering bird song, there is a cat that has taken to sleeping under my front porch,  he comes out yawns and stretches, his own style of cat yoga,  and proceeds to wash himself.  

Belladonna makes a loud yawn and does "downward facing dog" then stretches out her back legs,  and sleepily looks at me for a little breakfast,  I feed her and put out something for the cat, I do not claim the cat, he is his own master.

Then I turn and look at my bird bath and before long the birds are down there bathing and splashing, getting a drink of water before going on their foraging. 

I sniff the air and scent it's chill from the night before, and a hint of "green" still lingers, touched by dust,  under laid by the scent of warmth to come, then more bird song.  Before too long people wake up and then the smell of breakfast comes through the air,  I know what each of my neighbors are cooking,  bacon from one, pancakes from another,  strong coffee from a third.

And through all of this my mind can hear the music of Grofe "Grand Canyon Suit" specifically the tone poem "Sunrise"  and I think he captured it so perfectly. 

Then the first car door slams and the magic is broken, time for me to get ready for the day.

Many, Many Many years ago when I first started working, I had for a long time the night shift at this one job,  I'd see so much and had to be so active, it took a while for my body to get use to working nights and sleeping days,  I didn't have a car then so when I left work to go home I took the bus and the dawn would be braking.    There was an all night coffee shop next to the bus stop and I'd buy a cup of coffee to go, back then you could not eat or drink food on the bus---you still can't---but the driver knew I was getting off work and there was hardly anyone on the bus at that time of the morning so he never stopped me from having my coffee to get me home.

But I'd listen to the sounds of the dawn and watch how it would change the land and each and every time, especially after a very rough night, it felt like a Mother's gentle hand touching me and saying everything is fine, now rest.

Now the sounds of dawn say to me wake up, wake up and live life and be one with the day as you have been of the night.

Later Darklings

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