Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Heat wave and retirement???

Oh Darklings,

We've had a "heat wave" that would take the curl out of curly hair and turn your straight hair into an oily mess.  A few temperature records were broken here and there,  and at least I still kept out my "hot weather" clothing for contingencies like this.

The house does not have air conditioning, in my location it is seldom needed, but if I was living over the hills or further north or south that would be a different situation.

But fans always work well, and eating lightly to avoid getting sick and drinking lots of water to remain hydrated always important. 

I've had people ask me "aren't you hot wearing black?"   Why no, I'm not, because the material is cooling and wicks away sweat.  And if you remember an earlier post it was determined that black can have a SPF rating of 50.  But I did wear my black straw hat to shield my face from the sun and sun glasses.

I took Belladonna to the doggie day care where they have air conditioning, each day and she went today as well.  So as long as there is heat, that will be the best place for her.

I'm taking a short break at this time, and thinking about things.

Doyle has suggested that I consider retirement, and if I still wanted to continue working then work part time.

It is tempting Darklings, but I have to "crunch" numbers and consider the cost of health care,  I'm going to talk to the powers that be and see what they say, because each business has their own policies.

But if I can do it, oh what plans I have.  But part of it is that I enjoy going to my job and although tiring I enjoy my work,  but if I can reduce hours it would be better and I can share supervisory duties and be on a consulting basis. 

Something to consider Darklings.


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