Tuesday, October 30, 2012

S.F. Giants and trashing the City~~~~

Well Darklings,

If any of you are baseball fans then you know that the San Francisco Giants won the world series---and I say 'good for them'.   But do the alleged fans have to trash the City?  The aftermath of them tearing a car apart (which is being alluded to a drug called "Bath Salts")  and burning a Muni Bus is to put it bluntly---Stupid!!

I guess for the criminal element any excuse to cause mayhem and destruction. 

While I was watching this activity on the news I was wondering why couldn't the police and fire department get a helicopter to do a massive water pick up and drop all that water on them, it would put out the bonfires and get everyone very, very wet and chilled. 

Nothing like calming people down with a serious dose of very cold sea water.  

Alright Darklings, I'm being mean, but I really like that thought.  And yes it's mean but better than willful destruction.

And it did make it harder for me to get to work on Monday, but fortunately BART was not too seriously affected,  I had to forgo using the Ferry to get to work early...Oh well.

I've been following the "Frankenstorm" on the East Coast and have been in touch with friends there, they are safe, but some damage to their home.   I was worried for my sister who is back East for her job, but she called me and said she's fine, and found the power of the storm thrilling and frightening at the same time.

Well I can understand that we both loved Thunderstorms and would sit out on the back porch to watch for lighting, rare here in our area but not uncommon.  I remember one evening I had to work late and there was a thunderstorm but no rain in our area,  I looked up and was amazed at how the lighting would arc back up into the clouds and how it illuminated the clouds,  so beautiful in its frightening way.

I continuously love flash drives and while I have a short morning break, I'm going to post my next blog.  I've been here at work since 6 a.m. so I can get home early,  I'm taking tomorrow and the next day off but I'll have to put in a long day on Friday and Saturday---Oh well, when one wants fun, one has to pay for it.

Later Darklings

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