Friday, October 12, 2012

Going to a Ghost Walk~~~

Just a short post My Darklings,

Doyle and I are leaving in a few minutes with Belladonna in tow we are going to the historic Ghost Town of Columbia---they (the docents) are doing a Ghost Walk this weekend and we have made plans to attend.

Such a lovely way to help "kick off" the Halloween season.

We are hoping it won't rain this weekend but we are prepared for it---either way it will be a lovely, gothicly, drive there to the "Gold Rush Country" so many ghosts, so many old, old buildings with dark histories.

I'm already enjoying the idea.

Until a few days from now, take care my Darklings and have Gothic Fun.

Later, Darklings


  1. I am so glad you're feeling better after the awful shots experience! (though wor wonton soup can be a very effective wellness potion! haha) Have fun on the ghost walk & maybe take a few pics if they are allowed. :)

  2. Oh Sage, I wish we had, but it was so dark any images didn’t come out and we only had our cell phone cameras. Perhaps next year, we’re thinking of making it an annual event for us. Wor wonton soup yes very therapeutic. But I never had a shot that was soooo delibating like the Tdap, but one of my associates said that it might have been the combination of shots, which is possible although I’ve heard that the Tdap can have adverse effects, but it is necessary to have. I hope you have wonderful Halloween plans made.