Saturday, October 20, 2012

Book finds, more Nail Polish and keeping Belladonna warm~~~

Hello Darklings

So far I have been having fun this weekend! 

One of our local Library’s is having a book sale and a friend of mine who works there was able to get me two passes for their Preview opening.

Of course anyone who is into reading knows you have to go on Preview Night to grab “The Good Stuff” and I and my friends were no slouches.

Of course I’m a serious book buyer at these sales, I take one of those “old ladies” shopping carts that I have with a cloth liner, and right now I’m have so much fun having purchased black material with skull’s imprinted on it and sewed up the liner for my basket, it does prevent small things from slipping out, like one’s pet yorkie, (well that’s what one of my friend’s does.)

Of course such a shopping cart is very handy at flea markets as well.

And talk about luck, fantastic luck, I was able to find the hardcopy bound editions of a number of Anne Rice’s books from “Interview with a Vampire” and the two that followed, “Pandora”, “the Vampire Armand”, “Blood and Gold”, and a number of others, including “Blood Canticle”, as well as a 1940’s edition of the Catholic Douay Bible, still beautifully bound.  The only title missing from my collection is Rice’s “The Mummy”.

I also found several collections of vampire stories (mostly the classic one’s including “Good Lady Ducane”) and Ghost Stories. 

I also hit their audio-visual selection and found a wonderful selection of classic music cd’s in practically brand new condition, and several DVD’s of horror films I have not seen in ages.   My senses were tingling at my treasured finds.

My friends also struck it rich in their hunts, Doyle sadly could not come with us, his job precluded his attending, but he and I are going to the clearance sale, we may find some gleanings to add to our respective libraries.  One just never knows what one will find.

The only problem with going on a preview night is how everyone elbows everyone else, well I’ve learned to “elbow” with the best of them, my Mother didn’t take me to clothing clearance sales when I was little for nothing, I learned how to do body blocking and pretend to be so totally unaware, looking like the sweet little angelic 7 year old I pretended to be at the older women, while Mother swooped in and made a “killing.”  

Wrestling Tag Teams and Roller Derby had nothing on Mother and Me, we checked, blocked and tagged with the best of them;  Mrs. Miller sometimes came along as relief, she could be deadly with a well placed positioning of her cane and smiling sweetly as a helpless little old lady.

As a matter of fact Mrs. Miller was the one who helped me get my first apartment in her Apartment complex and Mother was relieved that there was someone who would “watch over” me.  Although I laugh at the thought of some of the scrapes Mrs. Miller and I would get into.  I miss them, Mother and Mrs. Miller, Dad and Granny and others who helped develop my outlook on life.

The weather is turning cool to cold, clouds and possible rain is coming, I am looking forward to it.  Although it may mean I can’t take Belladonna on her walks as often, but perhaps a little rain coat and hat for her might do, that is if she is inclined to do her walks in the rain.  Considering how I found her I hope that experience has not scared her, but we shall see.

I decided to improve things for Belladonna for the coming winter, I know that her feet get very cold on some of our walks, so I looked for a heating pad that I can put under her doggie bed to warm it up when we return from our evenings walks, and during our searches I just had to go into the cosmetic area at our local drug store and found a bit of a treasure.

Some times Revlon nail polish will surprise a person with something un-expected or not very well advertised, in my case it was a find.   I came across the last bottle of what was their Halloween collection of colors called “Sweetly Sinister”, the remain color was this one was called “Haunted Heart”, a lovely shimmery, sparkly (I know Darklings “sparkly”) orangey coral, in some lights it is intensely orange, in others an intense coral without out much pink, it is a perfect color for Halloween or for the Summer and goes well with my Revlon lipstick “Orange Flip”.  This color is in the “Top Speed” fast drying collection, the other colors were “Spooky Skull” (a sheer shimmer white), “Wicked Star” a green shimmer and “Black Magic” a black Cream. 

Check out the web site “Frazzle and Aniploish” at for a review and Jen of  especially for “Haunted Heart”.

Another way to decorate your nails, is to first put down a clear base coat and then put a layer or two of an orange nail polish over the complete nail, let it dry completely then follow with two coats of black on top, have it cover the bed part of the nails but leave the projected part or nail tips still in orange, simple and uncomplicated for Halloween.

But I have seen using “Black Magic” to put on Pumpkin faces and with a touch of “Wicked Star” as the pumpkin stem, so Darklings you have a lot of choices. 

Myself I’m going to keep it simple and alternate with orange and black, using a clear bottom coat to not have the dark color seep into the pores of my nails (so hard to get out).

Of course Doyle has asked me why do I have so many colors of nail polish and I told him even my nails need a color wardrobe---he looked at me, shrugged his shoulders and said “O.K.”

Now it will take time to do it right Darklings, so I suggest having an entire evening to do this.   Perhaps have a “man slave”  ;-) to feed you  and change the T.V. channels while your nails dry.   Of course I’m joking on the “man slave” part  (or am I?  Hmmmm Doyle where are you???).

Later Darklings

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