Friday, October 26, 2012

Jury Duty avoided---and traveling again~~~

Well Darklings I’ve escaped from an unbearable situation----JURY DUTY.

Do not mistake my relief about this as a desire to never serve on a Jury; I feel that it is everyone’s duty to endure this interruption in one’s life.

But frankly it could not have come at a worse time, and I won’t go into details.  And it make it worse it was going to be a civil case of someone being rear-ended by a car and claiming psychological pain and suffering.

How can one measure something that is so subjective?? 

I was brought up to “Hope for the Best, Expect the worst and Deal with what comes.”

If the injury is physical, which can be seen in an X-Ray or MRI then I’d feel better about it.  Soft tissue injury of course is something hard to determine, but to say that the trauma about being rear-ended has caused emotional trauma to one’s psyche----Please Darklings, give me a break!!!

I have been rear-ended at least twice, not happy about it, but with the exchange of insurance information at least satisfied.  Another time I was rear-ended and the person who hit me was not the owner, and gave false information.  But I made sure I wrote down the license plate number and tracked down the owner who had allowed his friend to drive the car.  To Small Claims court I took them to and I won.

But did I suffer emotional psychic trauma???  No, I was more mad as Hell than anything.

And I told them that---well of course I was excused, they didn’t want someone with that sort of idea in their head, which I was happy about, because the traffic on the freeway to get to the court house  and home was horrible both days and I knew was going to get worse.  Why it has to be at a court house that’s nearly 20 miles away I’ll never know, I called and asked if I could be assigned to a court house that was closer, I knew of two of them, “Sorry” they say “No change of assignments”.   How RUDE!!!

Now if this was a criminal case, it would have been more interesting, but still being forced to travel to a court house that’s 20 miles away and only being paid .34 cents per mile one way does not match the true cost of gasoline usage.  Of course if I had been picked, I would have figured out a way to get there without using my car, and see if I could “car pool” it home.

Alright My Darklings, my rant is over---but still a Criminal Case would have been far more interesting, but emotionally demanding.

But now I’m free for another year.

Halloween is only 5 days away!!!  And they are predicting Rain!!!  Pooh!!!  I hope not!

Anyway Doyle is putting our luggage and Belladonna’s things into his car (he’s driving), Belladonna is dressed in her doggie sweater and we will be leaving in a few minutes to go to the paranormal conference at Columbia State Park, no special expectations, but it should be interesting and beautiful this time of year.

And for now until Thanksgiving nothing special will be happening, I think, but you never know what might “pop-up”. 

Later Darklings

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