Thursday, July 31, 2014

Of dental surgery, British Territories, Halloween and a sprained wrist~~~~~

Well Darklings,

Doyle is not looking forward to his dental surgery, he will not be able to have coffee in the morning, we have to get up at "Oh my God it's Early" and I'll have to drive him home.

Fortunately Brian will be working from my sister's home on his computer, so when I get Doyle back he can help me get him into the House, I'll have him sleep in the spare room off the kitchen, that way it will be easy for me to check on him and a lot fewer steps to climb, for a fellow who's over 6 feet, if he fell it will be too much for me to handle.

He is going to ask the oral surgeon if he can keep the tooth for a souvenir, well why not, we are into bizarre teeth, why not an extracted tooth in my cabinet of curiosities.  As a matter of fact some years ago, out of curiosity I bought on E-Bay alleged teeth from executed criminals from the 19th century.  One of them was a curious copper green.

 I took a couple of them with me to work and had them analyzed as a form of practice (work was a little slow) and they were from that time period.  As a matter of fact one of the persons who analyzed it for me asked me if they were "Waterloo Teeth"  I'd never heard of that until I researched it and found that for dentists to make primitive dentures the teeth from the dead soldiers who died at Waterloo were extracted to make dentures.
And it seems that the one that was copper green had been buried in the ground near a copper deposit.  How bizarre!  But then I do collect bizarre things, and have these on display as "alleged teeth from criminals".

And to make sure that Doyle's tooth doesn't get too mixed up I'll put a tiny red dot on one side. 

I know this next tid-bite is going to sound strange but I have never been so happy with my kitchen sink drain, it's like all my troubles draining away.  Little things so appreciated.

On the Halloween front, I've found with the exception of really little children, most of them ages 7 and up really do, in a twisted sort of way love the scary stuff, pre-teens especially.

The Harry Potter idea is good for 8 years old and younger, it's more magic than scares,  so we try to split the scares.

Although it has given me an idea, the trick is to get a boy size manikin, dress him as Harry Potter and having him displayed that his defeating my Grim Reaper character, so have Harry between Grim and the Trick or Treaters,  and with the red and green lights, the fog and such and then have the manikin pointing a lighted wand with a strobe light in it at Grim.  

That way the parents can tell their children Harry is protecting them.  Well I hope it will work, I do like the idea, I've never worked Harry Potter in before.  But Sis would like us to include Maleficent as well, so much to plan and design. 

I've been checking the Spirit Web site for ideas as well.

I think I'll ask my Ghostly artist friends if they have such a manikin, I'm sure they can turn one up.  I'm getting excited about this.

I have a tendency to see what countries look into my blog, and of course it's from all over, USA, UK, Russia especially, Germany, France etc.  But I was surprised to see something listed as British Indian Ocean Territories,  I was curious about this and surprise it does exists it's also called the Chagoes Islands.

I won't go into the history as it is easy to Google, but some lonely Brit or Yank must have wanted something that was a taste of home.  And maybe a bit Goth as well.

Well whomever you are  "Hello There" and welcome to my Gothic Parlor, you're welcome to peruse my postings, just be nice.

And now the sprained wrist, well it's not mine nor Sis's nor Doyle's, it's Coralline, poor thing and she was so frustrated too, it was a simple fall at a craft Day Camp and she sprained her wrist, and broke her little finger. 

She was so mad, saying to me on the phone that now it's hard for her to write in her journal, so I asked her if she could type and she said she could if she held her hand carefully but she can't use the one little finger at this time, I said substitute another finger for now, type out what you want to say and paste it into your journal until you can write again, I was sure her Mother would let her use the family computer. 

And she so wanted to write a note back to you Trisha, but I told her that typing one is perfectly fine, that is what spell correct is for.

According to her Mother she should be fine in a couple of weeks from the sprain and the broken finger might take a little longer.

So now it's time to buy some new school clothing, she's grown a bit, and go through her current school supplies and see what needs to be replaced. 

Her school introduction will occur the week before Labor day and then she'll be officially in school.  Each school system Public, Private etc seems to have different start times, so confusing.

Now I must go, for some reason Belladonna and Weiner Dog are barking furiously in the back yard,  I hope its not another squirrel.

Later Darklings


  1. Aww. Will you also do a Harry Potter theme? :)
    Actually the later movies (havent read all the books yet) are very dark, so there's lots of scary bits to pic.
    How interesting about those teeth!

    1. Yes the more recent Harry Potter books and movies are more dark, because Harry is growing up, having to face the real world.

      But I don't think we'll really do a Harry Potter theme as we're more Addams Family, but the idea of Harry battling "something" does interest me.

      About the teeth, oh yes, it's amazing what one discovers.

  2. Oh no, poor C...!!! She's been so faithful about writing me back every month that I was afraid something had happened. Be sure to give her hugs and kisses for me!

    1. I certainly will Patricia, she is just so down about it. I'll see how she's doing this weekend.