Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Of Teeth, washing things, Halloween and skulls~~~~~

Well My Darklings,

It's so true the simplest things can give us so much pleasure, I never thought being able to use my washing machine, my kitchen sink and for large gatherings my dishwasher again could make me so happy.

But in a way it's like having an artery that's clogged unclogged and then the whole house functions, yes Darklings, Houses, especially old houses that have a history can have "heart attacks", and they say that the Kitchen is the hearth or heart of a house, you have one problem go wrong it can be serious.

Doyle is moving around a lot better from his ailment, he can now wear his regular clothing instead of baggy sweat pants, and drive his car if he's not taking a pain pill, but lifting things is still a problem for him, his tests have come back so far looking very good.

But we have the radiology follow up appointment in two weeks, followed by his two doctor appointments but in the mean time he still had to see his oral surgeon.

Yes Darklings, Doyle has to have a molar pulled, no way of saving it, but since his dentist said it has "bulbous roots" it has to be done by an oral surgeon.  So Doyle went to see him today and the end of this week it will be done. 

I'll have to drive him, thank Goodness we won't have to worry about pain meds.  He has plenty.

When he came home he talked about the x-ray machine that went all around his head, it was fascinating he said, "I didn't have to have that negative thing in my mouth that always gags me, our regular dentist should have one"   Well who know that might be in our dentists future.

For me right now I'm planning other repairs, thinking of the best time for us to take that vacation Doyle promised, and already I'm looking at my Victorian Trading Co. Catalogue, my Grandin Road Catalog, my Pyramid Catalog and checking out the new offerings for Halloween.

Yes My Darklings, Halloween is just around the corner, why the minute the School supplies come out I immediately start planning my Halloween party.  So much to choose from, so much to set up.

Our Grim reaper has been waiting down in the dry basement for his next appearance, just the other day Doyle was testing the fog machine, at first I almost panic when I saw all this smoke come out of the basement but then Doyle emerged and said the fog machine worked fine, sometimes it's hard not to bust out laughing at our Adams family situation, and the reason why I say that is my neighbor who lives on the other side of my property was looking out her kitchen window and I could see her cell phone in hand, I had to yell at her that everything was O.K. it was just the Fog Machine.

I think we nearly gave her a stroke and she's only in her 30's,  I think she sometimes wonders what did she and her husband get into when they bought the house next to mine.  I think I'll have to formally introduce myself to her and her husband, maybe invite them over for drinks and a few munchies.    Hmmmm but I wonder what she and her husband will think with "kitty kat" and the other denizens of my house and garden.

---and we'll have to buy more Fog juice and some red and green spot lights, the old one's died over Christmas. 

And speaking of Halloween, Sis wants to go and see the Skull exhibit at the Academy of Sciences, it's been years since we last went there and that was when it was the old building, so to see the new one will be interesting.

I remember years ago the three of us with Mom and Dad took the bus to S.F. and then we had to find out which connections to the Academy.  We did have a problem, not one person knew what we were talking about, Dad even asked a policeman and he didn't have a clue until Dad said "well you know where they have those stuff animals and a planetarium and the Aquarium"  Well when Dad said Aquarium the policeman's eyes lit up and he said "Oh you want to get to the Aquarium"  and quick as a flash he told us what connections to take and where to get them.   

So when we got on the Bus Dad asked "Is this the Bus to the Aquarium?"  and the Driver said "It is, I let you know when we get to your stop"  and he did.  As we walked to it I heard Dad say "I guess that what the local's call it?"

And Sis and I are going to take public transportation as well, because no matter what parking is Hell in San Francisco.

Well I need to add some veggies to the crock pot stew I'm making and throw in another load of wash.  I feel soooo happy!!!!

Later Darklings.


  1. Yep, we San Francisco natives ALWAYS refer to the Academy of Sciences as "the Aquarium". The other stuff was just add-ons and extra bits, as far as we were concerned! I haven't been there since they built the new building, either. And after seeing what a horrible monstrosity they turned the de Young Museum into, I'm not sure I want to!! :-(

  2. Glad I'm not the only one getting Halloween fever just because I saw school supplies on the shelves at Target :)

  3. Oh I'm looking forward to see what you will do for Halloween. We are also planning our Halloween Party. We talked about how long we will arrange this party, because the oldest one has already said that it is corny. We're planning a Harry Potter theme this year and that is maybe even more silly that the scary parties we had before.

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