Monday, July 7, 2014

Of Holiday weekends and Emergency Rooms~~~~~

I know My Darklings,

How do those two equate.

Give me a minute and I'll explain.

Right now I'm bleary eyed, and going to seek my bed for much needed and wanted rest.

First the 4th of July was good old-fashion fun, Sis and I had set up everything in our back yard for Bar-Be-Que and Doyle was getting the propane grill ready to make burnt offerings to the Holiday Gods.

My Brother and sister in-law took the children very early in the morning to find perfect spots to watch the parade that is just over the Estuary, but as usual some people seem to camp out spots the night before but they did manage to find a location.

I was told it takes  3 or more hours depending upon the length of the parade for it to complete its route.
I know when sis and I were driving to the Store the day before to get some more goodies already we saw along one section of the parade route, chairs and tables set up and even sections quadrate off saying "The So and So Family" and one or two very small tents set up I think some folks were going to sleep over night.

I could understand it for the Rose Parade but for this one???  Well it must be popular.

Afterwards they came to the house and the boys in the back were playing some sort of games, and we oldster's sat around talking and then putting the meat on the Barbie.

It was a nice fun and relaxing day.  Except for the evening when I had to turn on the sprinkler system in the front and Doyle turned on our roof sprinkler system to wet the roof, we moved everything in doors by 9 p.m. and the explosions started going off, at least on our block people were sane and didn't do anything.

Of course we were awake until 2 a.m. to make sure nothing caught fire, we heard of various injuries.  2 different young men were serious injured in San Jose, one lost both his hands and the other lost some fingers, both of them from holding the firecrackers too long.  I wish people would realize they ARE explosives and not toys.

And in another neighborhood some fool as Doyle calls them,  shoot off his gun taking pot shots at a power pole, it caused a power line to break and fell on that person and made him into a "sparkling personality"  needless to say he did not live long to enjoy his celebrity status and his brother was injured trying to get the power line off of him.  I don't think the survivors enjoyed their 4th of July.

I asked my brother about his house and he said his neighbors set up a neighborhood watch and he notified them he would not be home, even tho he set up his lights and such to give that appearance.

So to avoid the traffic my brother and family spent the night a my house which was fine, the house is made to be lived in and enjoyed.  But it was so quiet when they left.

Doyle looked a little peaked and I asked if he was O.K. and he said he was just more tired than usual.  Well I knew he had been putting in a long hard week and told him to rest.

Sunday was very quiet, I just got things prep for dinner after Sis and I came home from church, but Doyle just slept through the day.  Then he woke up feeling drastically feverish and severe chills, and he was tender around the "Crown Jewels" I said "That's it we're going to the ER!"

We got there around 7 in the evening.  And the ER was packed, a full house with weekend warriors, parents with children who had done stupid things and their parents both worried and glaring at their foolish child at the same time, elderly folks with worried family members, and police officers with their drunk or doped suspects needing treatment.

No, my Darklings,  Sunday evening coming off of a Holiday Weekend is never quiet.   And poor Doyle whose pain level went from 2 to 10 in the matter of less than an hour,  and it all seems so horribly slow even if it is triage.

They put him on a gurney, covered him with a blanket, took vitals, took samples, asked questions, all the while Doyle is shivering and in pain at the same time.  Finally they started giving him morphine which helped a bit but only lowered the pain level, then they started antibiotics, because his temperature was 103, after a half hour he started to sweat  and his temp remained around 100.6.

Then x-rays and sonograms, more blood samples, finally around 2 this morning they admitted him into the hospital, what it is we don't know, but I finally got to bed around 4 this morning.

Getting awaken at 7 a.m. because they were not sure of one of  the medications he takes so I have to shower, drink coffee,  drive over to the hospital without getting into an accident, give them the medication, checked on Doyle, he was sleepy but he had eaten breakfast, but mostly drinking a lot of water, he said he was not much good for conversation and was "off his feed" , a Doctor had seen him but Doyle had not heard what it is he has, they keep him on pain meds and antibiotics and he still was sweating.  The temp had fluctuated between 99 and 100.3.

I suspect he will be in the hospital for a few days maybe the whole week, so I made arrangements to take the week off and I called his office so another agent can cover Doyle's cases.

I slept on and off this afternoon, and I'm going back to bed for a few more hours sleep to get through this day.  And I'll check on Doyle this evening and see what it is that affected him.

So please my Darklings, keep good thoughts for Doyle for a quick recovery.   I have to say what a horrible way to end the 4th of July weekend.  I hope yours was much better.

Later Darklings


  1. Oh man, I hope he's okay. That sounds intense. :/

    And yes, holidays at the ER are ridiculous, my friend works at the hospital and is always sharing silly stories. I can't believe all the stupid stuff people do, I mean really I was a teenager once and I was a freshman in University and I never did anything dangerous or stupid. My friends and I drank a little but we just talked about philosophy and music. I don't know what's wrong with people these days lol.

    I hope everything gets better!

    1. Thank you Ladyfair, there has been improvement for Doyle, I'm going to post that.

      And yes, I really don't know why young people and I mean from late childhood through age 30 do foolish, life threatening things.

      An acquaintance of mine who worked ER for years and now retired had a theory although it may sound cruel but she told me that with all the different cures for illness and such, God is devising ways to as she put it "weed the herd" so only the smartest, best and hopefully the brightest survive. And usually its the one's who have the best survival instincts.

      I know it sounds cruel, even vicious, but it's the only thing that seems to make any sense.

      I, too, hope for a quick recovery for Doyle, the house last night felt very empty without him.

  2. Praying for Doyle (and you, too)--can't wait to read the update on his condition.

  3. I read your comment, glad Doyle is improving! Keeping both of you in my prayers, I hope it is something that the doctors can clear up quickly.