Saturday, July 19, 2014

Of mundane things and banging one's head against the wall~~~~

Well Darklings,

Did you ever have days where nothing seems to go quite right?

It seems I'm dealing with things like that. 

Doyle will be on the antibiotics for 6 weeks, nothing we can do about that, but it seems that the kitchen sink drain is not just a simple clog.

We found out that the kitchen drain is attached to a "Y" connector which is attached to the drain from the washing machine, we have been advised to not wash our clothing because the old "Y" connector is seriously clogged, and it does not have a "clean out trap"  LOVELY!!!

It's old cast iron, it will have to be replaced and my plumber has come down sick, I want him to do the work because he's given me very good work at very good rates. 

He came down with a fever and had the chills so bad, that we had him stop work,  I got him out of the basement where he promptly threw up.   Well Clorox Bleach took care of that. 

So Brian drove him home to the care of the plumber's wife and I followed in my car to bring Brian back.

I got a phone call later from Mrs. Plumber and it seems he has the flu, he'll be out of work for a week, and she had to call back other customers and re-direct them to someone else, but I want him to work on my situation as I have confidence in him.  She understood,  customer loyalty and all.

So I said I would live with it for the next week,   until he was back on his feet again.

So bucket and bail, and Laundromat time.

Sis does not have a washer and dryer yet, she's been too busy to buy them and she wants Maytag, so she'd been coming to my house to do her laundry, when I told her she said "It never rains, but it pours" but she was good enough to deal with it.

I know I may seem stubborn to wait on my plumber but he's done a lot of work for me, and had told me that we may need to look at a couple of connections to the sewer, I just didn't think it would happen so soon.

And he needs the work as well, his wife's hours at her job had been cut back so every dollar counts.

So I'm mentally banging my head, at how things are going.

At least Doyle is slowly improving, although we do have to line up a few appointments which I'll do next week,  once I see how things are going.

A friend of mine wants to take me to a magic show over in the City tonight, Doyle said to go, that I need a distraction since he's out of commission and we can't do anything else right now.

So back to the kitchen sink to bail out water and then water the trees way to the back.

My brother and his family are enjoying their RV they did a long shake down trip going North to the Avenue of the Giants, and he's been planning weekenders as well, this weekend they've gone to Monterey to camp on the beach.  He wants to go to Santa Cruz but avoid Highway 17 which is not kind to RV or vehicles pulling trailers, so he may take an alternative route with is longer but easier.

Next year they want to see historical sights, I think he mentioned something like the Grand Canyon,
that should be fun.  I know Coralline was excited about the idea.

She mentioned to me the other day how she noticed how the cost of housing was going up so high, that something like a "Gypsy Wagon" looks attractive to her.  She should me her travel journal and I was amazed at her observations, everything from the feel of the weather, to scents and sights and sounds, and her taking it all in.   And her thoughts on the places where they stayed, what was good about it and what was so-so.

I think this will help with her creativity in writing.  Now she asked her Mother if she could have a camera to take pictures.  Her Mother is thinking it over, so we'll see how that goes.

Well I've got dishes to wash and a sink to bail.

Later Darklings

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