Monday, July 28, 2014

Of things slowly becoming Normal??? or Tornados in Boston???~~~~

Dear Darklings,

It has been ages since I've heard the weather being so bizarre here in the States.

Yesterday there were lighting strikes in Venice Beach, Ca. which killed one person and injured several others.   So unusual!!

And then this morning eastern time a Tornado in the Boston area, they never have tornados.  It tore apart homes, flooding and I believed someone got hurt.  Just so bizarre. (or was it Chicago---now I'm confused)

Of course we're dealing with wildfires in the Northwest and in California that is almost a given, but to have it start so early in the summer and one is especially close to Yosemite, threatening the community of El Portal.

Of course the weather man is describing how they get created and the drought and everything, but one of my friends came by today to see how I was doing and brought by a wonderful Lemon Blueberry bread or cake I don't know which but oh so scrumptious.  And she brought two of them,  and gave me a copy of the recipe.

My plumber was finishing up on getting my sink unclogged and working beautifully tried a slice and asked for a copy of the recipe as his wife bakes, so I made him a copy (thank you oh photocopy machine attached to my computer)

And YES Darklings my sink is finally unplugged, unclogged, unstagnated and running free, free, free!  Fortunately I had buckets for the plumber to use to catch the water, or sludge really, such gunk, I'd call it swamp water, it was horrible, so horrible I think even the swamps would not want it.. 

We took it to the farthest back part of the yard where it would not matter and dumped it there.  Then I ran some water on it to break it down. 

And it's cooling down here in the house finally, oh I'm keeping the fans on to circulate the air but at least we can sleep more comfortably now. 

My friend Lena said to me that the way the weather is going with lighting and tornados she was wondering if some evil sorcerer was doing something really awful.  Well she is very much into the occult and tarot and such, and loves exploring haunted houses and places, doing EVP recordings and such I've heard some of the recordings, and they disturb me a bit.

Anyway after my plumber left and I was happy, we had Lemonade and the Lemon Blueberry bread, the three of us, and discussed the whole situation, triple digits inland for us and 90's just south and north of us and we had reached a very high point in some parts where we live it did reach the 90's, and the drought does not make it any better.

Lena has friends in Arizona and they've been getting monsoon rains, and you have to be careful during that kind of weather because one minute your fine the next minute your car is floating down the street.  And lighting strikes all over, Lena told me that during this time the TV stations in Arizona compete for the best lighting photos. 

To each their own I say,  I remember some years ago, Mom and Dad wanted to sell off a bunch of stuff they didn't want nor needed anymore, so borrowing a neighbors van we loaded everything up the night before, and went to the old Flea Market that was held in an old Drive in Theatre, well lots of things sold even as we were unloading things, and Dad was glad all the large items sold quickly and we were putting out smaller stuff and it started to rain, in July a strange warm rain, I was feeling electricity dancing along my arms which frightened me.

Just then both Dad, Mom and I looked up towards these telephone poles that we just outside the fence of the drive-in and we saw lighting,  multiple lighting bolts dancing along the wires.

Dad said "That's it pack up!!" and we did and still selling things as we were packing up, we managed to get what was left into the van just and we were hit with a torrential down pour, just then we felt the prickling again and Dad said "Don't touch the doors or anything metal, keep your feet on the rubber pads"  we did and a good thing too.

I felt the hair on my head begin to stand up and a heavy pressure pressing down on me, suddenly everything went white in a blinding flash and a loud explosion, when I could see again I saw a ball of lighting moving quickly from metal stantion to stantion (those are those metal posts that held the speakers you mounted on your car window to hear the movie) and then it disappear under our van.

I heard Mom cry out "Jesus, Mary and Joseph!!!"   and then just as suddenly as the rains came it began to taper off.  People were moving quickly and other sellers were packing quickly as well. 

We knew there had been a lighting strike in the Drive-in but exactly where we didn't know, but we did see another strike further on in a large lot that was empty except for some old trees.

Then we heard sirens,  it was the fire department several people had been hurt by the strike fortunately we found out later not fatal.

It was a bit too much for all of us my Sister was saying "Can we go home??"  Dad said we would but we had to wait for it to clear out as much as possible because everyone was trying to leave at the same time, we did see a few fender benders between some old trucks, nothing that would stop them from working, even the truck owners acted like "It's o.k. let's get outta here".

It was good to get home after all that excitement, my brother who was staying with friends that day was mad having missed all the excitement---I thought he was nuts.  But that's younger brother's for you.

That old drive-in movie theatre is gone McMansions are sitting on that ground, but I'll never forget seeing the lighting dancing on the wires.

Later Darklings

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