Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Of dealing with difficulties and taking time off~~~~

Well My Darklings,

My plumbing problem is still not solved, my plumber had to go to the hospital, it seems it was more than what appeared to be the flu.....it was appendicitis.

Fortunately he got to the hospital before anything burst and they operated quickly, but he is out of commission for the next 4 to 6 weeks, and I wouldn't even ask him to do any hard work. 

So I have to make other plans,  poor man, he and his wife didn't need this set back, but she told me that they have savings to tied them over while he recovers, to make up any difference that her wages couldn't cover.  And he has good medical insurance.

I'm taking time off from work right now, my boss said that I had just reached the maximum hours that I could work, early because of my covering for those on vacation.  So I need to be off work for 4 weeks.

I'm not worried, I've been saving most of that extra money anyway and my investments will give me anything extra that I need, not that I need much.  I'm pretty much covered.

And it gives me a chance to take care of some things here at home, like make sure Doyle doesn't strain himself, and seeing to the garden. 

The drought has been difficult on my garden, I've avoided replanting any flowers, and I've been using the soaker hose on my plants as it hardly wastes any water, I'm lucky in that I have both rain cisterns and well water for the garden, but I have to be careful with the water table. 

I do have a bird bath so at least the birds can have water, although I've seen squirrels climb up and drink out of it. 

I am glad that I had the work done and paid for before this time off, that is a big help.

My ghostly artistic couple came over last night for drinks and a few munchies, good thing to have the freezer and micro-wave oven.  I try to be prepared.

They've been in New York exhibiting her paintings and selling quiet a few, she said that there is quite a community that is interested in her works.  I told them about Sis going to the Horror Camping event, and they loved the concept, she told me that concept is giving her idea's for some paintings, they've even attended a séance or two while in New York, she was hoping to get some idea's for that.

I asked if they went to Lily Dale which is a summer resort for Spiritualists, they said they had, having gone there for readings and spent a couple of days listening to lectures and walking around the area.

I'd like someday to go there, but I have to see how things go.

My ghostly couple are thinking of holding a séance in their home sometime in the near future they asked if they could put me and Sis on their guest list and being interested in the bizarre and occult I said yes. 

I'm so glad that we entertained outside as the humidity was horrible in the house, it made me wish I had gone ahead and had my contractor do the screening in of the back porch, but the plumbing comes first. 

I feel so flat today, like the life has been sort of wrung out of me, maybe the weather, maybe dealing with the problems of the house, maybe dealing with Doyle's problem and lining up his next appointments. 

I'd wish for something exciting but frankly I think after the last few weeks I've had enough excitement, so maybe this is a good thing.

And now the dogs are demanding their walkies, hmmm one never knows what one will encounter on a walk, that should provide some amusement.

Later Darklings


  1. Oh I got curious about your friends paintings. does she have a website or something.
    Take care of yourself and Doyle and have a nice vacation

    1. I never asked her, she has never mentioned that she has a web site. She mostly seems to go out of town to sell them, Chicago, New York, mostly and L.A. from time to time.

      I have to admit I really don't pry about their travels they just tell me after the fact, one thing I do remember is she said she abhors' being on the computer.

      Her 'husband' uses it mostly for communication that is e-mails, but she is pretty much old school in her business dealings.

      I've even mentioned that she might want to try to sell her paintings or prints via the inter-net but she doesn't seem to be inclined.

      I have to admit they are pretty bizarre and morbid, only when she was in her "white" phase as I called it, did her paintings appeal to me, but she turned away into another phase.

    2. Sounds like lovely folks to me :D