Friday, August 1, 2014

Of dental surgery done, all hail the wounded Hero~~~~~

Well Darklings,

Poor Doyle, such a brave man, I mean who wants to be in a dentists' chair, although I do have to say dental procedures have improved quite a lot especially in the last 5 years.

I remember the old-fashioned dental drill with the metal belts, and the needles to inject the Novocain in the jaw.  

Well they have improved a lot, but even my dentist has said there really is no totally painless way to inject Novocain.

We got there in time, poor man looked like he was going to his doom, he was in for just over an hour and then the nurse said he was ready.

And babbling tons of secrets, the stuff they gave him to put him under as he's coming out of it he was babbling about our wine cellar, and how he got blamed for the fire in the kitchen, and I sat down and he goofily smiled at me with a mouthful of cotton wads, and mumbled "Heeellllooooo  Deeearrrrrr, dey pu hi ou seeeee"   and they did too, it did have bibulous roots.  That stuff worked on him like "truth serum".

So while Doyle was a high as a kit, the nurse gave me instructions and a prescription and then I got the car and pulled it up to the side door---they have them exit the side door so the other patients don't see how high they are I guess, the nurse got him into the car carefully and I drove him home.

Thank Goodness for Brian's help Doyle was weaving a bit getting into the house, but as soon as we got him in the bed in the spare bedroom, he fell asleep on his side, we were told to do that because of the gauze wadding.

I asked Brian to sit with him to make sure he didn't choke on the wadding and quickly went to get the prescriptions.

Doyle was still sleeping when I got home but Brian said that the wadding didn't need to be used any more as it seemed to have clotted good.

So with one pain pill, and a few hours later some soft scrambled eggs and a little cold milk he fell back to sleep, to sleep the effects of it off. 

I dried his extracted tooth off, and put a red dot on one side, and it now lays with the other teeth, the latest memento to my cabinet of curiosities.

Sis came home early as she only had a few clients today, and is using my other desk to write her notes, and ask about Doyle. 

I had to move about quietly in the house to not disturb him so Sis recommended Chinese and we also invited Brian over for dinner as well so Doyle could, when he's away relate his "war story" to Brian.

I think though Doyle will only have soup and only when it's cooled down a bit, nothing hard for a day or two.  The clot on the extraction spot has to stay there for a few days.

And I'll boil up some eggs in case he wants some hard boiled eggs, I was told he could have that.

The oral surgeon's office did call this afternoon to see how he was doing and Doyle was able to talk to them about how he was feeling.  Cognizant but still sleepy.

I'm sure tomorrow he'll be feeling better but we don't throw off anesthesia like we use to so I'll still keep an eye on him.  And hopefully he'll we awake for that Penn and Teller magic special tonight.

Sis showed me a brochure for another San Francisco attraction called the San Francisco Dungeon, it goes through the darkest vilest history of San Francisco from  the gold rush through 1907 Alcatraz, and includes a boat ride as if you were shanghaied like many a  young man who was unwary.

I understand that they have several of these Dungeon's in Europe so this is the first one Stateside and San Francisco has the honor.  Plus Madame Tusseaud's Wax Museum has also opened as well right next door.

Well something to go and see to get my Halloween mood on, I'm looking forward to it. 

I hear Doyle moaning, Sis has gone to check on him, I think we might as well order Dinner and I'll put the eggs on to boil.

Dear Patricia I'll send your hugs and kisses to Coralline I know she'll appreciate it, at least her brother's are being nice which is good.

And Lienna-maria we're not sure if we'll go with a totally Harry Potter theme as we are more Addams family but we'll see what we can incorporate it is a good idea.

Later Darklings
And he is too.

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  1. Dentistry did improve a lot in the last few years. There should be less pain and anxiety by patients, especially those who already went through the newer procedures. Although, you're right that anesthesia still has to be locally injected. Perhaps someday there'd be a way for it to be administered without injections. It looks like Doyle is doing well when you wrote this, so I hope he gets to be better by now! Take care!

    Sharon Warner @ Premier Dental Esthetics