Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Of feeling sleepy and a vacation idea~~~~~

Hello Darklings,

I feel so sleepy, the weather seems to have "sucked me dry" although it's cooler outside than inside the house, but I just feel and if I want to hibernate for years.

It has to be the weather or maybe the stresses I've been having.

I did get some good news, Mrs. plumber, my plumber's wife called and had two good pieces of information.

1. Her husband is doing fine, no infection, but they are going to keep him in the hospital for another day or two, but because of his type of work they are insisting he rest for 6 weeks.   Well I'm glad he's going to be well.

2. My plumber has a brother who is also a licensed plumber and said he could finish the job for him, he and I talked and he was apologetic, he's tied up finishing another job but will be able to take on mine next Monday. For some reason I heard a very faint rendition of the Lone Ranger theme, a plumbing hero is coming to the rescue. 

 Doyle recommended we use plastic forks and paper plates and cups, until the sink is fixed.

Well I told him not for the coffee and tea cups, I'm willing to drink wine out of a paper cup but not my coffee,  but Doyle has also suggested we get take out, and I agree, at least I won't have to tackle the pots and pans and then bail out the sink.

We can do it.   And we can deal with it.   But I cannot use the dish washer or washing machine until that connection is replaced.  Oh well.  Tomorrow---The Laundromat!!!

At least we can take baths and showers so all is not lost.

Doyle suggested that we eat outside in the back garden and take advantage of the breeze, for dinner, I certainly am all for that.

And he made a suggestion to me after he gets well----He said "How would you like to take a couple of days and stay in Bodega Bay where Hitchcock filmed "The Birds",  he showed me this web site for Bodega Bay Lodge.  Oh Darklings it looks so wonderful and romantic, dining, a spa, ocean views, nearby historic locations, a few wineries.

I was all for it, so now depending upon how well he'll be we'll go either end of September or Mid-October, for several days, take advantage of the spa, the wineries, seeing the historic sights and just relaxing as well.

My man with the beat up almost Bogart face, being romantic even with his medical problem.  What more could an elder Goth Female ask for.

Later Darklings


  1. Oh, I'm glad to hear that all things are getting better. You both really need that little vacation.

  2. Sounds lovely! And I'm very glad to hear that both Doyle and the plumber are mending well, and that you have a "Lone Plumber" to the rescue! (I wonder if he has a Tonto sidekick??) ;-)

  3. "What more could an elder Goth Female ask for."
    --Nothing else I can think of! Doyle is a keeper, that's for sure.