Friday, July 25, 2014

Of being too Bloody HOT!!!~~~

Dear Darklings,

I do not do well in extreme heat, I melt faster than the wicked witch in the "wizard of oz".

I'm glad that I am off for the next few weeks, knowing the pitiful condition the air conditioner at work is it's not much help.

But I have every fan going in the house, box fans, tower fans, rotating fans, ancient fans That I dug up from the basement (they work).

I think I will install a window air conditioner in the down stairs former maid's room but right now the budget won't stretch that far at this point with some of the repairs being made, maybe next month.

I've thrown down wet towels for the dogs, made sure their water bowls are full.  Poor things, they are in front of a box fan, bellies up to cool down, and they are sound asleep.

Doyle and Sis suggested we order pizza, I'd prefer a salad, so we'll combine the two, pizza as the main meal and salad for roughage.

I've got bottles of water chilling in the refrigerator, but I'm going to take a quick cold shower to lower my body temperature, Doyle is using a wet face cloth to cool himself down.

We are sleeping down stairs and when I mean down stairs I mean the laundry room in the basement, it is the coolest part of the house, why not,  that is where I keep my wines, and I've moved my other liquors down there as well although  I'm sure whiskey, vodka and brandy will hold up in the heat but I'm not taking and chances. 

My brother has air conditioning in his house since he lives in the southern part of the bay area, so he loaned me three camp cots, because my Sister's basement is not finished yet but she is going to install an air conditioner as well, even if we only use it just few times a year, it will be worth it to avoid heat stroke.

Upstairs is horrible even with the fans.  I have every window open (with screens) upstairs to release the heat, even the vents in the attic are open and I have a box fan running there.

I do not care if my electric bill is going to be high this is melting conditions.

My haunted, ghostly bizarre artistic couple are very strange, and are fine in small doses, although I do like the husband (I think they're married) he is a bit more down to earth than she is, I wish I knew more of their background, it might explain why her paintings are so morbid. 

But he said to me one evening, that he enjoys the dark, it makes the ugly look beautiful until the reality of daylight exposes it for what it really is.  I was surprised that evening a while ago, to discover that he has a master's in psychology, which could explain part of his outlook. 

He told me that instead of becoming a therapist or doing criminal profiling he preferred to go in the more artistic vein.

Doyle is moving around a bit better, the Doctor he has also believes in some form of natural medicine in addition to the standard medical prescriptions and advised that he take Turmeric in capsule form for inflammation and it seems with the combination of it and the prescriptions Doyle is moving better and not in so much pain, he's even reduced his pain meds, I'm grateful for that, then we have a better gauge on his discomfort or comfort level.

After this heat wave is over I am sooooo looking forward to that vacation.  I'm holding him to it.

But right now my Darklings a cool shower is calling me, just a short one I'm timing myself, I know the 20 percent cut back and my garden is suffering for it.  Maybe I'll just fill up a wash tub and ladle the water on me, that way I won't waste it.

Must go Darklings, I'm melting, MELTINGGGGGGGG!

Which with this heat is at the melting point.


  1. Isn't this heat just horrible??? We're downstream from you, in Hayward, and it's just as nasty here!! We don't have A/C either, just fans. Fortunately we're in a ground floor apartment, with concrete under the rugs, so at least we get some relief as the heat rises to the 2nd and 3rd floors. I feel sorry for the upstairs neighbors, though! Hang in there...

  2. I guess your temperatures are way over ours in Sweden but they even put out a warning at the news here. I'm home today because of headache that I think comes from the heat and other stresses. I have the blinds down at the south side of the house and doors open at the north.
    Good that you use wet towels for the dogs.