Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Of Doyle is Home and Horror Camping~~~~

Good News My Darklings,

Doyle is home!!!  Hooray!! Hooray!!!

He's not completely well, but his temperature is normal, Vitals are normal except for the slightly elevated white cell count, the swelling has gone down tremendously, but he still has some pain.

They are continuing to have him take his antibiotics orally for the next 6 weeks!!!   And he has pain meds to take as needed.

Because its so much antibiotics he is also required to take probiotics to keep the healthy bacteria in his digestive system.  And the Doctor also recommended Turmeric in capsules that I can get at the health food store.  For inflammation.  She saw nothing wrong with it and it does seem to have some healthful uses. 

So he's home to continue treatment, but because its so painful to go up and down stairs he's sleeping in the old "maid's" room since it has its own shower and is near the kitchen, on the main floor so he can move around if he gets bored sleeping and still be a part of what's going on.

He's on medical leave for 3 weeks, then he'll be on part time until he gets completely well, he can do a lot of his work at home and just e-mail it in and telephone conference.  It works.

I asked him if he wanted me to sleep with him down stairs but he said no for me to be comfortable as well.  And it seems that Weiner Dog has taken up to guarding him, but just having him home is comforting.

And we have more follow up appointments and lab tests.  Well that's all do-able.

And life is getting back to what passes for normal around here, thanks to the Kitchen sink clogging up.  For the life of me I can't understand why, I make sure no grease or anything goes down the drain, but this is the first time this has happened since I took up residence here. 

So to do the mundane thing----call the plumber, but he's out of town for today, well I can deal with it, removed the standing water.  Some trees way to the back are discovering grey water watering.  And I can use dish pans for now.   I wasn't brought up an old-fashion Gothic Girl for nothing!

Sis went to the Horror Camp out---and they do have two levels, the scardy-cat level where ghost stories are told and you watch a horror film, and the more intense level where you are on a bloody treasure hunt, Sis found it fascinating from a psychological view point, testing people's nerves and such but there were some who couldn't take it and said "I want my Mommy" which is the "out" word.  She managed to get a few names of participants to get their opinions and feelings about this at a later time, of course she also has our friends as well, but all in all, she enjoyed it.

It was hokey in parts and a little intense in others but really good silly fun.   She said it was not like when we were camping with our parents and the coyotes---now that was the real deal.  But the unexpected was enough to give people some serious scares.  She said she could understand why a person has to be at least 18 years old, it would be too intense for anyone younger and of course liability as well.

But really for the younger crowd, she told me "As far as I'm concerned at our age if we go camping it's going to be Glamping or at least in an RV, better yet a 5 star hotel with a spa!"   All I could do was laugh at some of the things that happened.  Silly, hokey and generally fun.

And now I hear Doyle moaning, time for his pain pill.

Later Darklings


  1. Yay! Glad he's back and recovering, but six weeks!? That's a long time. 0.0 And I've never heard of a horror camp. I have to say I'm a tad jealous lol.

    1. Evendently something like this is very intense to recover from, what the Doctor told us is that more and more infections are becoming antibiotic resistant for some reason. But Doyle is doing his best to think on the bright side of things.