Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Of Update on Doyle and Sharks' Teeth~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well I saw Doyle last night and was informed by the nursing staff that his fever finally broke and is now normal.

He was very drowsy, but managed to eat a bit of dinner, the diagnosis on the infection is epididymitis, trust me Boys you do NOT want this pain.  It can happen from anything, even a blow to the vital area's.

And Doyle wracked his foggy brain and realized that when he and another investigator went to talk to someone, that person was "out of it" and attacked them so they had to call the police and Doyle did get hit in the vital spot---so it had been building up until it finally flared.

But he said it did explain why he felt so tired on and off. 

So now intensive antibiotics, pain meds, he'll be in the hospital for most likely the rest of the week, and then follow ups.

But he is in good hands, and I hope to see an improvement with him today, it depends upon how much pain meds he'll need. 

I am still tired although I slept well last night, but still woke up tired this morning.  I hate that, it makes me feel very draggy.

Well it was nice to see a bit of interesting news in regards to the area where we live, paleontologists working along side a construction crew found fossils of a huge whale, shells the size of dinner plates,  Megaladon  sharks like "Bruce" and early mammals, one that's distantly related to the Hippo.

This all occurred in Silicon Valley in the foothills of Fremont, at the Calaveras Dam project.  The construction project did expect to find some fossils but nothing the size of this find, so they are going to put more people on it.

This is something that has been going on for some time, when there is a construction project either paleontologists or archeologists will work along side the construction workers.  And it helps map out the type of flora and fauna in this area.

Frankly I'm not surprised considering the findings when they drilled the 4th bore for the Caldecott Tunnel, its exciting in a way.

Now they will have to find a museum to house these finds, because it is a large "treasure trove".

Now I need to have my third cup of coffee and get my body back on track, such excitement in my family life one really doesn't need, it is draining as oppose to feeling uplifted. 

But at least Doyle is doing better.

Later Darklings 


  1. Thanks for posting this, and SO glad they know what's wrong with Doyle and he is healing.

  2. Good to hear he's on his way to getting better! And yay dinosaurs!! I wish I could find a giant whale in my backyard, not much for fossils around here. XP

  3. I'm glad to hear that Doyle is recovering.
    It's great news when they find more dinosaurs :)

  4. Glad to see that Doyle is doing better. What a week you have had!

    And yes, yay for dinosaurs :)