Friday, November 1, 2013

Of the Day after Halloween~~~~

Well Darklings,

The party was a success.   Proper mood music playing softly in the background, guest bringing over pot luck to add to the buffet, lots of drink both fremented and not (soda).  Lot's of trick or treaters coming over, neighbors dropping in for a bit after escorting their little monsters for candy, Belladonna safely in her open pen so she can get petted but not underfoot.

One television showing old horror movies Dracula, Frankenstein but not to the point that it would intrude, more as background.  Kitty Kat roaring to the children to not go up the stairs.  

My brother and sister in law brought over the children so they could trick or treat in the neighborhood, and then come and eat afterwards, Cousin Louise having fun for the first time in years handing out candy to the children that came to the door.

The children having fun looking at the decorations, old Grimm looking like he had come up from Hades with the fog rolling out from under his long cloak.

And then bit by bit everyone drifted off as the hour got late, no more children at the door, kisses to the family,  Hugs from Coralline for her monster high dolls and from the boys for their gifts as I saw their eyes slowly drooping from being tired.

Then it was just Sis, Doyle, Louise, Brian and myself, the paper plates and disposable stuff all bagged for the garbage pick up this morning, empty bottles for re-cycling, left overs refrigerated to be eaten tonight (and maybe tomorrow), kicked off my shoes and put on my slippers for comfort and then......and then.....***sigh*** it happened.

Our local crazy was screaming at the top of his lungs running up and down the middle of street and where he got the 4th of July sparklers I'll never know but he held several of them in each hand  and screaming that demons were chasing him he had to burn them up.   We were fearful he'd set something on fire because it seemed that as each sparkler burnt out he'd light another one.  Doyle didn't waste time and called the police, they came code three.   Between the police and his father talking to him he finally calmed down, and we were frightened to find out that he had gasoline on his clothes, how he never caught fire was a miracle.

He was taken into protective custody, but just as they got the sparklers and lighter away from him he started fighting and biting, looking like a rabid animal with wild, unfocused eyes, they had to use restraints.   I was so glad that the children were not here to see this, I know it would have terrified them.

After all the excitement we decided a glass of wine was needed.   That and sleep, blessed sleep.

This morning I heard someone puttering downstairs and it was Cousin Louise, bless her she came down and finished cleaning the kitchen, she told me she's an early riser anyway and wanted to do something since I wasn't asking anything from her, she made our day after clean up much easier.   Then she was off to see her friend who is renting a cottage apartment to her so she wanted to do a walk thru and take photo's and make notes of things her friend (who owns the rental property) may need to do before Louise moves in.

Sis and I decided to go to the Spirit store to see what was left over to buy on sale, and we did pretty good, I bought an evil female gnome, and a zombie frog, and Sis scored some lovely jewerly with skulls on a cameo, at a local drug store I found some ghost and pumpkin Peeps for Doyle he loves that stuff.   And we saw that among the new Christmas decorations were heavy duty outdoor cord in green, perfect for blending into the grass and bushes, so to see what will need replacing and we'll be back to buy it.

We stopped off at the Catholic Church and left our All Souls list with a donation for prayers, although we'll go to the cemetery tomorrow to visit our parents, grand-parents, our great-aunt and my brother.   I'm glad that the weather will be good and not too cold.

Now we're home and Doyle just arrived and informed us that it seems our local crazy will be in care for some time until the doctors claim he's "funcitional"  until the next time.  

Cousin Louise informed us that the Cottage apartment is lovely they had just taken up the carpet to replace but Louise saw the hardwood floor underneath that was in very good condition and asked why re-cover the floor, her friend pointed out a spot behind the front door that was stained but Louise said that wasn't a problem a small rug would hide it with an umbrella vase on top.   So now she just has to wait for it to be painted and the stove and refrigerator replaced they were in terrible shape, it should take only two weeks and she can move in, and she made very good arrangements with her friend on the rent.

She seems so happy to be starting on this new venture of living and we're happy for her.

Now my feet are up resting, I'll take down this weekend some of the indoor decorations while Doyle takes care of the outdoor one's.  And then come Sunday we'll be back to Standard Time, the dark night will come earlier, the weather will become colder, the house cozier in a darkish way. 

The following weekend Sis and I will tackle the vintage stove and get it cleaned up and then make an appointment for the Stove Man to test and calibrate it, but I have a feeling that all will go well.  I can hardly wait to start using it.

And tonight "Grimm,"  and "Dracula" and "Hawaii 50" with zombies,  I'll have to record "Grimm", I mean Darklings Hawaii with Zombies???  Can't miss that.

Everyone had so much fun, they just 'wolfed" the food down.
Later Darklings


  1. Sounds like you had a great Halloween, despite the crazy sparklers guy :)