Thursday, November 7, 2013

Of feeling miserable~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Dear Patricia and Lucretia and everyone who sent me get well wishes, Thank You, Thank You.   There is something energizing knowing and feeling the caring from people, I know that when the heart is lifted everything else will follow.

I must confess I had a miserable night, sweating and everything, Doyle helped me change nightgowns (the Flannel type) and sheets and pillow cases because I sweated so much it became very damp, Sis said to not worry she'd do the laundry tonight. 

Now I'm dressed in a sweat suit, thick socks, a flannel robe, fuzzy-wuzzy slippers, a knitted cap to keep my head warm, nose all red, eyes all red, hacking, wheezing, sniffiling and sometimes looking for something to throw up in---as our Daddy would say "This one's a beaut!"   Louise said last night that once I have a good retching I'll begin to feel better.  I know Darklings---How gross.

But she was right, last night, middle of the night, with Doyle holding my hair back,   I worshiped the toilet bowl god,  and then a libation of Alka Seltzer for Cold or Flu, I think I'll buy stock in that company.  

Doyle said he would buy some Ginger Ale to help keep my stomach settled, and he said he'd serve it in a champagne flute, a classy man, but right now I don't look or feel classy.  But Sis and Louise said I'll be feeling better in no time, as I feel like an ex-Klingon battle crusier dragged through a wormhole back wards and meeting up with Romulans with their cloaking devise right now.

I know it does sound like I'm being a pitty-puppy but I know all of you have gone through the same thing, so we can all comiserate.

I'm wondering if after I recover if I should get a flu shot and Sis said that once I'm up to par I should because there is more than one strain out there.

Belladonna and Wiener are keeping eyes on me, Doyle and Sis take turns walking them.   Louise is busy, and rightfully so, making arrangements to move into her new place, but she will prepare dinner tonight, she is a marvelous cook, but she feels bad that it might be too rich for me to eat, I told her to not worry and go ahead.

And now Darklings, I'm feeling sleepy again, and that is the best medicine----right after Alka Seltzer for Cold or Flu.

Later Darklings

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