Sunday, November 17, 2013

Of a Sunset and a Stove~~~

Hello Darklings,

I just stepped out onto the back porch to let the "gang of two" out and saw the most beautiful evening sky that I have ever seen,  clouds in various shades of pink from bright cotton candy to soft baby's breath, and the blue of the sky, from deep rich Maxfield Parrish Blue to sweet baby bunting or a bride's promise.  It was a delight to see, and gave such pleasure that I had to call Sis and Louise to come and see it. 

Sometimes the best things are those that do not cost a dime.

Sis and I have been working on the stove, cleaning it a section at a time,  with the burner gas pipes off we can really get into it to clean, the stove tops were soaking in an old elongated wash tub with boiling hot water,  Sis and I in clothing we don't mind getting filthy, hair wrapped up in bandanna's, platex gloves on, we're doing it from the top down, but the ovens we were suprised to see was not that bad, nor the broilers, so we do a little then rest, do a little more then rest, tackle some more have coffee.

In the mean time the apartment stove is oven roasting chicken, Louise came over and offered to prepare dinner while we had our heads in the other stoves ovens and such.  Although we wore gloves, we are going for a manicure tomorrow evening after Sis is done with her last client.

And I am going to call the stove man to check the new/old stove out and see what it might still need, a couple of knobs are stiff, and he can check for any problems and calibrate the burners and the ovens.

Doyle has been gone for the day checking out something, but he's on his way home,  I feel tired but happy at the same time, amazing what a simple thing like a sunset and a stove can do for a person. 

Sis is now out of the shower, and it's my turn.  The hot water will feel good, and then lots of lotion on my hands.

Later Darklings

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