Monday, November 4, 2013

Of adjustments and adjustments~~~~

Well Darklings,

It is official the little fellow's name is going to be Wiener Dog or Wiener,  we were not sure of the correct spelling but now we know.

Dear Lucretia thank you for the suggestions, we suspected about the burrowing, my Gardener showed up and I talked to him about that and he said he could do it and recommended at least 6 in wide boards in 6 to 8 foot lengths, he's been wanting to build up the sides of the garden anyway to prevent run off, and we're going to have to add two gates with concret paths one between the garage driveway and the garden and the other between my garden and my sister's garden, not exactly planned but thinking about it very necessary, with the concret paths it might prevent Wiener from digging under the gates.

I had been thinking about doing that for the garden, just not quiet so soon, so my Gardener will be back in a day or two with the boards and braces and I've called my contractor and he's coming over tomorrow morning before I leave for work and we can discuss what will need to be done. 

And now not only do we have to make adjustments but so does Wiener. Sis and Doyle left for work today and Wiener was upset, at least I'm here and Belladonna plays with his ears to distract him by flipping them with her nose, she tries to take his toy and they seem to do a mock play about it, it seems to help.  I think having the two of them together is good for both of them, but I called my speical occasion dog sitter and ask if she could handle two dogs, she doesn't have a garden more of a patio all brick fence so I don't think Wiener can escape from there and she was pretty sure it would not be a problem.   So until the little fellow gets use to the routine this will be a bit stressing for him, thank goodness he has Belladonna to keep him calm.

To everyone, I agree why would anyone abandon a pet like that is just cruel and unthinkable, it is much easier to surrender a pet to a well maintained Animal Shelter it does not cost anything to do that and 99 percent of the time they are adopted only under very difficult circumstances are they put down.   But people don't think, if they throw away an old coffee maker, they'll "throw" away a pet and it is cruel.  People who do that have no compassion or a conscience, they are the ones that will abandon their elderly parents in an unhealthy care facility and not check on them, they can't be bothered. 

I think it was some sort of fate that led us to find Wiener Dog, because orginally we were going to have Belladonna with my sitter but I changed my mind at the last minute and it was a good thing.  It could have been days before the grounds keepers would have found him and we are getting very cold nights now, he could have starved or died from thirst.  

Belladonna takes a certain amount of possiveness about him, well she is older and he's just a pup, so its understandable.   But Wiener Dog----what a name.  Why not Max or Buddy or something like that?? But Doyle named him and the little thing responded, so the name stays.
Cousin Louise's new home is one of those happy circumstances, her friend is into vintage and bought this property some 30 years ago as an investment to prevent it from being torn down and a block of cheap looking apartments built instead, at least back then there were some far seeing people into historical preservation.   If one hunts one can find gems in the most unexpected places.

For example I have an aquaintance that has a 2 acre property up in the lower part of the hills, and it is surrounded by single family homes whose back yards back into this property, to get to it one goes down this one block street and encounters a huge wooden fence with a car wide gate, unlock the gate and you are in a different world as if one has gone back into the Victorian era, and yet in looking at the stucco houses on either side of the street leading to it one would never know its there, and oddity amonst normalicy.  Two whole acres??  Fortunately my friend makes good money and can afford the taxes, I believe because the place is so old and is historical I think they are seeking historical status to prevent it from being taken over by developers.  Some politician or some important person lived there.

Sis has come home much to the delight of Wiener, she's barely put down her purse and brief case and he's all over her.  She is going to change into her walking shoes and we are going to take both of them for a walk before dinner, it's been slow cooking in the crock pot, on such cold evenings beef stew with lots of hardy veggies over a bed of rice to soak up the juices seems in order.  Louise is out to dinner with a friend so it will be just us four Brian, Doyle, Sis and myself and the two little 4 legged children.

Then we'll relax and watch our favorite shows, Bones, Sleepy Hollow, Castle and I'm going to record The Blacklist, James Spader is just wonderful in it, he makes evil seem sort of friendly.  Oh that is twisted thinking.

And I have yet to let you know what we think of Cupcake's Red Velvet wine.....

Later Darklings
Even in Dark Times, one must look for the good things.


  1. Glad I could help! :-)

    I must say, though, that I do understand (although DO NOT condone) why some people simply abandon their animals if they can no longer afford to care for them. Many shelters, including our local one, actually DO charge you if you surrender a pet to them... I believe ours charges $90 PLUS shots, unless you can show proof they've already gotten them. We know because it's happened to friends of ours when they had to surrender a pet. And we live in Hayward, so we're very close to you. It's disgusting, but I guess budgets are so low nowadays that they feel they have to charge.

  2. I'm so happy that you've brought that little pup into your home! We adopted our cat, Veruca Salt, and once we have a house with a yard we can fence, we will adopt a mutt :). We once took in a stray kitten that we knew we weren't allowed to keep, but luckily, a local, private, no-kill animal shelter, run by Carol House Furniture in St. Louis was already on the look-out for the stray kitten and he got a good home for free. I have thought, for a few years, about sponsoring the adoption of an older cat for the holidays. That way, if some one wants him/her, the kitty will be free and ready for a good home :). I hope we can do it this year!!