Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Of shifting to quiet mode and darn--a cold~~~~

Well Darklings,

My plans for going into work today have been dashed, I've come down with a cold, which means I cannot get a flu shot until I'm well and truely over this.   How frustrating!  My Boss told me to stay home the entire week, he said he can't afford to have people come down sick, he has an intern that can do some of the basic things for me and to just relax.

Louise wanted to stay home and take care of me but I told her she had plans and to go ahead with them.   Sis however was planning to stay home today to catch up on her reports, she has one client who will be coming over to her house next door where she has set up a small office for her work, she can have some of her clients come to her home office but at this time not all of them as she needs a certain amount of quiet but she'll be here if I need anything.

I much rather stay down stairs, its warmer and if I need anything the kitchen is close by and I can lie down and sleep in the down stairs room.  Belladonna and Wiener seem to know that I'm not well and are hugging close to me although last night Wiener slept with Sis as its becoming his habit.  And Wiener goes from the family parlor to the library to check on both Sis and me.  Belladonna just stays with me.

Dear Lucrecia, I was not aware that some shelters charge for surrendering, I remember that one time we had to surrender a cat that was abandon at our house in a box, and because of Dad's allergies we took it to the shelter and were not charged, but I guess times have changed.   I still would prefer surrendering as oppose to abandoning, in the long run its kinder.   And I'd never give one away on Craig's list, I've found out that even if its a young woman that acts nice to collect your pet, its really for those dog fighting rings, they use those pets offered on Craig's list as bait.   More cruelty that I dispise.
I'm so glad I had the cleaning service in yesterday although both dogs had to stay in the open pen in the kitchen to not be underfoot, Belladonna is use to it so it helped Wiener take a lesson from her.   My Gardner called and said he could start tomorrow on the fence re-inforcing. 
I bundled up and talked to my contractor about the gates and such and he can put a team on the concret part tomorrow as well, want to get it done before the rains arrive, which it might by Sunday.  He showed me some gate designs which would go well with the house and one pattern is a very close match to the fencing that already exist so I'll go with that.   I'm so glad that I have the House Trust Fund to draw funds for this, as it is improvements and repairs, otherwise I could not afford it at this time.

Much of the work on Sis's house is done, now it's more cosmetic on the interior, next year she will have the landscaping done as well as having the house painted.  Except for the Kitchen and Brian's room and Sis's office the house is pretty bare, and even Sis's office will undergo some changes, all the walls are painted white thoughout the house but that's just to finish it off until she can decide what to do and how to furnish it.

Doyle and Brian took the day off and have put away all the Halloween decorations into the storage area behind the garage, the Thanksgiving wreath is up,  and eventually some lights and outside decorations will be put up for Christmas.

Oh my head hurts so much I can't think about it.  And we still have the stove to clean but Sis says to not worry about having it ready for Thanksgiving and just get well.  Even the best laid plans etc. etc. etc can some times get side tracked.

I had brought down a box from the upstairs storage area and it contains letters that Dad sent to Mom during the war,  labeled War & Navy Departments V mail Service---Offical Business.... and when I opened up the top letter the first words that Dad wrote was "Hows everything Keed!  Hows every old thing on the Home Front"  he must have written it in pencil because some of the words are faded, I'm going to take my time reading these things and try and make out some of the words I think Sis would be interested in them as well.

"Keep the Home Fire's Burning, While my Heart is yearing....."

Later Darklings 

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  1. Hope you feel better soon! Glad to know the dogs are keeping an eye on you.