Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Of sniffles and body aches~~~~~

Well Darklings,

I think I have the flu, my body aches, my tempeture is up, headaches, I don't feel like eating but Louise, Bless her, temps me with a bit of fragrant tea and saltines,  I drink water to keep hydrated, and I'm taking asprin to lower the feaver  and sleep, sleep, sleep.

I'm up because it aches to be in bed and it aches to sit up.  I do not like being sick.  PooH!!!

I just talked to Coralline and she feels bad for me, but I told her to stay well and her brothers are being nice to her, her older brother has even helped with her Monster High doll house, fixing one of the wheels on it.  And she's learning all about spiders and snakes from her friend a young boy next door to her house.  This terrifies her two younger brothers----a girl not afraid of spiders.  Although she did confess to me that in the wild she's not to keen on them.

Doyle is going to pick up some Wor Won Ton soup for me, although Sis has in the smaller crockpot some homemade chicken soup, which can be frozen and heated in the microwave.

But she's has in the bigger crockpot minstrone soup slow cooking,  that and a salad and french bread for everyone else.  

Now I think I need to go lie down again, my head hurts so bad, Louise is getting a knitted cap for me to wear as I sleep to warm up the upper sinuses,  as I said I do NOT like being sick.

Later Darklings 
Right now this is how I feel.  Pooh!

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  1. So sorry you're sick! I agree, it's a miserable feeling, no matter whether you're in bed or not. I do hope you are feeling better VERY soon.