Thursday, November 28, 2013

Of Thanksgiving Wishes~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Yes Thanksgiving also known as Thanksgivuka (Because the first day of Hanuka Starts on Thanksgiving) is here.

Sis and I have been up early, our new/old O'Keefe and Merritt Stove is already slowly roasting the turkey, several pies are in the ovens baking and other things are being prepared, but right now Sis and I are taking a little break.

Doyle is walking Belladonna and Weiner Dog with Brian, they've become walking buddies and they get together on occasion for "man talk"

We are going to have a huge gathering, Brian,  Cousin Louise, My Brother his wife his 3 boys and Coralline, Marrisa and her folks and Marrisa's brother, a few of Doyle's friends.  It's a good thing the dinning room is huge and the table can seat 20 at full expansion.

We've set up the buffet for the dessert's and several large card tables to hold the platters, so everyone can serve themselves buffet style, the table will hold the small condiments and the tea cart is set up with wines and sparkling ciders. 

Yes it does take carefull planning, but Sis and I worked on that days ahead of time.

My brother has called and they are only a half hour away and plan to finish watching the Macy's parade here, I understand because of wind conditions there will not be any of the large balloons.

My brother and sister in law are bringing a change of clothing for the boys, they want to play football, and since I have a suitible area for them to play in no problem,  I said to him "Oh the annual 'Toliet Bowl' game?"  after all on Thanksgiving and New Year's there's all these Bowl games, like the Rose Bowl and the Hula Bowl---my Brother and his friends would play "the Toliet Bowl" a form of touch football and get very messy.  We warned Marrisa's Dad and Brother, as well as Brian and Doyle's friends to also bring a change of clothing, espeically if they join in the game.

Us ladies will be staying nice and warm.

I know come evening things will slow down a bit, we have games and music will be playing all suiteable for the holidays, I have plenty of Glad bowls for left overs to be taken home, it is a huge bird.

And I feel Thankful already, things have happened in my life, my sister's and Doyle's life, in my family's life and all seem to be going in a good direction, we have our ups and downs, the set backs and glitches and problems and tragedies that life throws at us.  We make plans and God laughs and says "I don't think so" because we still have life lessons to learn.

We are cautious on things to make sure that bad things don't happen or we quickly take care of it.  In the face of adversity we remain hopeful.

I remember my Grandmother saying "Hope for the Best, Expect the Worse, and Deal with what comes", I bless my parents and Grandparents for being so strong and steadfast and understanding, my siblings for being the best friends, Doyle for just being Doyle.  I look at the little dogs at their trusting eyes, and I want to give such love and Thanks to all living creatures on this earth.

I bless my late Great-Aunt who placed her trust in me to do the right thing.

And even when the darkness tries to overwhelm me, when I had reason to give into dispair, I bless God, Mary, Jesus and the Spirit of Goodness and Love, for lighting the candle of Light so I may find my way.

Happy Thanksgiving My Darklings
From My House and Family to Yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Have a wonderful feast of both food AND love!! :-)