Sunday, November 3, 2013

Of a Lazy Sunday after Halloween~~~

Well Darklings,

It seems Wienner Dog is settling in quite well, he and Belladonna play very well, but until he's familar with the grounds someone has to be with him so he won't get into trouble.

Doyle is now checking the fence line all around to see if there are places where he can dig out and we'll make arrangements to re-enforce them. 

Since our clocks have fallen back an hour I and Sis were up early by Standard Time rates, but that was fine, I asked Sis how did the little guy sleep since she put his sleeping bed in her room and she told me she heard him wimpering, so she moved his sleeping pillow onto her bed and covered him with one of our cheap fleece throws so he could burrow under it, she woke up this morning with him next to her with his cheap blanket over him and his toy under his chin. She slept like a rock for the first time in ages and the dog seemed to do well too.

I said that she might be getting him into a bad habit and she said "But he's such a little thing"  Oh well thought I, I learned my lesson with Belladonna and look where she sleeps, on my bed, at the foot when Doyle is home, next to me when he's not.

I told her that I understand Dashunds tend to be oberfurers and want their own way a lot.  She said "I don't have a boy friend, have no intension of getting one so I don't see a problem."  Oh well again thought I, live and learn, he seems to dote on her already since both he and Belladonna are at our feet under the kitchen table.  Doyle came down stairs joined us for coffee, after he poured himself a cup he looked at the dog and said "Come on Wienner, let's go out side and explore."  and the little thing did followed by Belladonna.

Cousin Louise asked us to come with her this morning to lookover her future apartment to get ideas for her furnishing it.  We were pleasantly surprised to see that it is indeed a cottage in a court of 8 cottages in a U shape, each separate from the other, Louise said some were one bed room and some were two, hers was two.  They appeared to have been built in either the late 20's to early 30's and retained much of their period design.  In going into her cottage we found ourselves in a modest living room with a marble fireplace of 30's vintage, and I saw the chevron pattern on the hardwood floors, across from us were two doors they led to the two bedrooms, the first was not very large but also had a fireplace it's chimney connected to the one in the living room,  the second bedroom was much larger with a huge closet, they were separated by a bathroom tiled in pink tile with black trim.  There was also a small dinning area and a galley type kitchen, a back door off the kitchen led down a few stairs to a laundry area with space for a washer and dryer, there was a door that led to a little back yard with an out door clothes line.

The whole place was like a tiny house, the old stove and refrigerator had been removed and it looks like they were doing some cleanup work where they stood.  Cousin Louise asked us what we thought, I looked again outside and saw how nice the inner court was kept with a flower bed and rose bushes although its was going into winter.  I asked where would she park a car and she said behind the other cottages across from her was a driveway and the garages were in the back,  between the last two cottages was an arch pathway that one could walk to the garages and this was well lighted.   The owner of the property lived in one of those cottages.  We pronounced the arrangement as perfect and if she felt at home here that was great!

But the problem was furniture, Louise was not going to take anything except her clothes and some personal items from her former home her soon to be ex-husband could keep the lot, she was starting fresh.  The smaller bedroom was going to be her at home office, the larger one with the huge closet would be her bedroom, so I said the first thing she would need would be a bed, everything else she could get a little at a time.  So she's going to look into that once the interior was painted.

We left and went to do some shopping at the store, Pot roast is on the Sunday menu, and I saw a bottle of wine that intrigued me, it's called Cupcake Wine and the particular one was named 'Red Velvet' at $8.99 a bottle we thought lets try it, so at dinner tonight we'll discover if its good or not.

When we got home we found Doyle asleep in his favorite chair with both Belladonna and Wienner curled up in his lap. Well Wienner was more buried under his arm and along side him and Belladonna in his lap. We let them be until they woke up on their own.  Sis is preparing the Pot Roast and we have a fire going, Doyle has come in from outside followed by "his gang".  Once I log off, I need to balance my check book and do a bit of laundry, Cousin Louise is making a list of things she'll need to buy for her place, and Brian, Sis's tennant/roommate has come over and challenged Doyle to a game of ....are you ready for this Darklings....Mexican Train Domino's, of course Sis and I eventually I will join in.   We don't need X-Box or Game Boy to entertain ourselves just human interaction.  

It may seem like we're old fuddy-duddys but it is relaxing, I'm even going to turn down the lights a bit and light some candles for atmospher, after a bit it will feel quite Gothic, espeically when the sun goes down.

Later Darklings
Just another quiet evening with us old folk

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  1. Wiener sounds SO sweet!! My husband has experience with dogs, and he asked me to let you know that dachshunds are natural burrowers, so even if your fence doesn't have any spots he can dig out under, you might want to sink some boarding a few inches deep in front of the fence, so that if he does try to burrow he'll find a wall instead.

    And I'm a bit envious of Louise, her new home sounds wonderful!! I've always wanted a fireplace that actually gave off heat (not like those boring glass-enclosed ones that just look pretty), and a second one would be a bonus! Fireplaces are just so... homey. :-)