Friday, November 29, 2013

Of the Days after Thanksgiving~~~~

Well Darklings,

It's the day after Thanksgiving or Thanksgivukkah, and all through the house, the lingering scents of wonderfully cook foods linger, just enought to tempt a mouse, but we have no mice at least none to speak of, but tiny doggies who are hoping for some after Thanksgiving good cheer.

But one must be careful of doggie appietites a tummy upset can be a fright.

The Thanksgiving dinner was a success, everyone enjoyed themselves and there was more than enough left overs to take home and still have some for us, turkey sandwhiches with cranberry spread, perfect for lunch or a late tea instead.

Oh dear, see what happens when the holidays arrive, I start doing a little poetry.

Coralline is staying over the weekend with us, and just reveled in waking up in this "old house".  I thought she'd want to go some place but she just is perfectly content to help around the house as we did the final clean up and washing of dishes and pots and pans and silverware and glasses.

She was happy to go for a walk with Doyle, Brian, Belladonna and Weiner Dog and visit with Marrisa for a few hours before her folks had to leave to go to Marrisa's Aunt's house. 

Things were quickly and  carefully tucked into their proper places with everyone helping that we had it done in no time, Sis and I will heat up left overs for dinner tonight, although it still feels like the trytophan from the Turkey is still affecting us.

The new/old stove performed like a trouper, everything just perfect with the old thing.  Sis started baking cookies, all kinds of cookies, sugar cookies, chocolite chip, soft gingerbread cookies, Oatmeal and raisin, it is just wonderful,  right now the scent perking through the air, I offered to help her but she said she wanted the baking therapy.  So Laundry for me.

But the timing was just right, my policeman friend and his wife and children came as planned and I took them through a tour of the place starting with the garden while it was still warm outside,  and told them of how bad the garden was when I started but bit by bit things were getting fixed up thanks to friends and a very good gardener, I showed them the pet cemetery, the green house, even the garage and tool shed all period.

Then I walked them around to the front of the house to show the front garden and started the tour right from the entrace hall, main floor, upstairs, storage, down stairs and basement, and into the kitchen which was perfect for the children as Sis had a large selection of cookies ready to be eaten, and she even surprised me, she had hot mulled apple cider ready for drinking and hot water for pumpkin spice tea as well as coffee,

They had met "Kitty Kat" and saw some of the other strange things in the house, including the strange names over the door of each room, I said it was for fun.  Although the little boy Gavin had fun making "kitty Kat" roar, until I flipped the switch and said he was tired.  He even asked me if I had a floating head in a crystal ball----Hmmm I thought---and then said "Not yet, but I'm still looking for one".   He did give me an idea for next year. 

And he enjoyed my Cabinet of Curiosities, it seems the grosser the better, although his Mother sort of wondered, until I explained what such cabinets were all about, and why I have one.

They enjoyed sitting in the kitchen and relaxing, the wife told me that I gave her a lot of ideas on what to do with their home, but she knew it would take time and money, they both work full time, so I told them how I went about working on my Great Aunt's house and gave them the name and contact information of my contractor and gardener,  I said that first one must do the roof and the foundation, with all that work cracks will appear in the walls which can work to one's advantage espeically if you're doing re-wiring and plumbing.     

I made suggestions about not rushing to doing something but taking one's time, do what is important to the structural soundness of the house I said.   The wife fell in love with my stove, I told her that I was lucky in finding it, and that the cost of a refurbished one could send a person to the moon.  I also said that any speical hobbies would have to be put on the back burner, that bugeting is important, I said I was lucky in many respects.

They showed me pictures of the interior of their home and I said what should not be done otherwise they would destroy the feel of the house, I pointed out archtectural details that were correct to it and should not be destroyed.  Mr. Policeman wanted his "man cave" I told him about what I was going to do for Doyle, and said it is a good compromise.  He liked that.  

Doyle walked in with the dogs and Coralline in tow,  and while Doyle talked to Mr. Policeman Coralline told his wife what she loved about the house and proceeded to take her and her daughter upstairs to her room, while their son played with the dogs,   and then the Sun began to dip down, and they reluctantly had to leave,  I invited them to come to the Christmas party I was planning, children included as I knew the girls and my brother's boys would be there. 

They said they'd be happy to come, he would make arrangements to swap tours for that date.  I did suggest to watch for estate sales, sometimes one can come across a stove that is in good working order, the one they have now is small, I also told them about Elmira stoves depending on what feel they want to go with the house.  So much to do, so little time to do it in.

And now my nose is twitching,  to the scent of cinnamon and vanilla, Sis is baking another batch of cookies since she gave a lot of them to take home for the children, and Coralline is helping make a new batch including chocolate cookies with walnuts, the soft and chewy kind.  That child knows the way into this auntie's heart.

If it's a good day I think we'll burn a fire this evening.

Later Darklings

But sometimes its good to have fun.

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