Saturday, November 2, 2013

Of finding something abandoned, lost and found~~~

Well Darklings,

Today has turned out a bit different than we planned, we are home now from church but with a little situation, and its a good thing our cousin was able to help out.

We went to the cemetery as planned, visited the graves and put flowers out.  Belladonna was with us enjoying the change in location and scents, we trimmed some of the grass back, and made note to bring stone cleaner in the spring, the hard water can make the smooth surface of tombstones have that hard water streaks,  when Belladonna got very excited about something.

We thought oh she has seen a squirrel so Doyle took her leash to humor the little thing and went walking with her on the hunt as Sis and I finished things up.  We sat down for a minute to rest and Sis remarked to me how much Belladonna seems to keep everyone on their toes and we laughed about it.

Then we heard Doyle call us, we turned and saw he was still walking Belladonna who was hopping up and down towards something in his arms,  it turned out to be a very young dog, a black and tan Dashund.  No collar or anything, Doyle said he found the dog tied up with some string under a bush over near the fence of the cemetery, no one with it not even near by, Sis and I went to the spot and looked around for anyone but there was no one.  It looked dirty and cold.  Belladonna whined and kept looking at the dog but wagging her tail like "Look what I found Mummy".

I asked Doyle how did he find it and he said Belladonna led him to the little thing, I was concerned that maybe it had been abandon because it had Parvo, Doyle said one way to find out is to see if it refuses to drink water, so we put Belladonna's portable drinking bowl down and poured water in it and it drank and drank that we became concerned that it would make itself sick.  But it didn't seem to have Parvo.

What to do?  Sis said lets take the dog to my Vet and have it checked out and go from there, we stopped at the cemetery office to report the dog and gave our contact information if anyone reported to  them about it.
Then off to my Vet and hoping that we could be fitted in.

We were lucky the appointments were light and the Vet could see us.  We told her how we found the dog and we really didn't want to take it to a shelter but wanted to leave contact information, the Vet helped us, and checked the little thing out,  it needed a bath and flea treatment and it was about 5 months old.  So we left the little thing with the Vet and said we'd pick it up in a few hours and wait for the results.

The Vet must have done a rush on the tests,  we went back before the office closed and we were told no Parvo, but might need puppy shots to be on the safe side and appeared to be in good health, so out came my credit card but Sis said no it was going to be on her, so she paid for all the treatments, and made an appointment to bring the little thing in later this upcoming week for a further examination.

The cemetery office told us that on occasion people abandon their pets there and they have to call Animal Rescue to get them, mostly cats it appears and the Vet said she would contact several shelters to see if anyone reported a lost dog, but we all remarked that it was strange that someone would tie it to a bush, like as if it was abandon but there to be found by the caretakers.  But instead we found it.

The Vet had puppy food for it and suggested several brands that would be good, and it had been bathed and flea treated and we were told it took to bathing pretty good, but we think that it might have been too scared to do anything.  The Vet said that if we decide to keep the little thing to consider having him neutered, Doyle had a pained look on his face when that was mentioned,  I could understand his reaction, but we were in no hurry on that.

So then off to the pet store for a leash and collar and some more puppy food, its own bowls and a dog pillow also on Sis I said that she was putting up a lot of funds for a dog that we may not keep, and she looked at the little thing now in her arms and said to me "I beg to differ"  I only raised my eyebrows and began to realize we may have a new family member.  We put the new collar on the little thing as well as a matching leash and it immediately wagged its little tail and gave Sis a look like "I'm with you?  We're partner's right?"  and then we walked down the doggie toy section heading towards the check out counter when suddenly it grabbed this long blue squeeky dog toy it looked like a blue Wienner dog made out of terry cloth it was longer than the real dog and the little guy was not going to give it up, so with chew bones, dog bowls and bed, collar and leash and puppy food we marched to the counter.

Cousin Louise was home when we arrived and was as surprised as we were about the little guy and asked us the obvious "What's his name" and Doyle said "Wienner Dog" and we said "No" but he was firm. As we put the bowls in the kitchen he said "I prove it to you" and called out "Hey Wienner Dog" and the little thing came running in, found its food and it ate, so we surrendered.  Then we saw the time and asked Louise to watch both dogs while we were gone, she said she could.

And now we're home, because our schedule was mixed up Doyle has gone to  get our old standby Chinese".   Who 'Wienner Dog' is going to belong to I'm not sure but I am aware that they do suffer from back and hip problems, so we shall see, I don't think we'll get a call about someone missing a dog, and from the way its acting it seems to think its home carrying its toy in its mouth, Belladonna seems to have taken to him.  We think so too.

Later Darklings


  1. Congratulations on your new baby! We've been the rescuers of many feral, stray and abandoned cats and kittens over the years, so I understand how these things happen. Sounds like you have a wonderful addition to your family, and how nice that Belladonna has a new friend. :-)

  2. I've never been able to understand how someone could abandon an animal like that. I'm glad Wiener Dog was found by you. :o)

  3. I agree with what the others have said. What a terrible time for poor Wiener Dog, but what a happy outcome!!