Saturday, November 2, 2013

Of All Soul's Day~~~

Hello Darklings,

It's All Soul's Day.  A time to remember our family and friends who have passed on, to remember them with love and good memories, to celebrate their lives and what they have taught us.

The Hispanic people have the right idea with Day of the Dead Altars and celebrations, and in our own way we do it too, a little differently but we do remember them.....of course it helps if the weather conditions are good.

Today we are going to the cemetery to put flowers on our loved ones graves, tonight we'll go to church for the Saturday evening service----yes we are still Catholic in our observations and beliefs, abit still 21st century outlook.   If it were raining then we'd have small bouquets of floweres on a table with our folks framed photo's and candles and celebrate them.

Then we head into a period of quiet for the next few weeks, no hectic celebration or anything like that, it is a good time to reflect and prepare for the winter to come, in terms of going out or celebrating we most likely might stay home or simply have quiet events to go to or do, or not do if that is our choice.

It is good to have a quiet period, it helps the soul and the mind, as well as the body----and Sis says its a good time to get your flu shot as well because then you'll have a week at least to recover from it.  I do not argue with her on that, we are due for ours.

But today the weather is good, we bought our flowers yesterday and they are in buckets of water, Sis is ready, we'll take Belladonna with us,  and Doyle has put the buckets of flowers, (with only a little water) into the back of the car, and he's looking for the small pruning shears.

So we'll be going.   I may post more this evening it depends upon how I feel.

Later Darklings

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