Friday, October 4, 2013

Of "Thank You's" all around~~~~~

Dear Darklings,

Coralline sends to each and everyone of you her "Thank You's"  I had fun talking to her last night and the "Three Stoogies" have been very quiet....she says almost too quiet....I advised her to alert her Mother.

Of course with the oldest boy he's still feeling some discomfort from the extractions, but now he can gross out the kids at school by showing the extracted teeth, he say's he's going to make them into some sort of pendants.

Funny that is exactly what I did when mine were removed.

Coralline is preparing for any kind of possible retaliation but her Mother told me that won't happen, now that the boys have had a taste of their own medicine.

Coralline has gone one better, she tied the boys pants into knots, and did a running base stitch into their underwear so when they wanted to get dressed they couldn't put their underpants on.  They had to rip the stitches out and untie the knots, which made them late for school and they got detention missing a school game they wanted to go to. 

They complained to their parents but fortunately BOTH of them were unsympathetic to their woes, even my brother is now on board saying to his sons that he's let them get away with it for too long, now they know how mean their tricks are.

But my brother wanted to know how did Coralline get the courage to handle a garter snake---he forgot about his sisters (Sis and Moi) learning about it from our Dad.   We've been giving our little niece a few pointers    ;-)  (wink, wink)

And the little sign that I posted on my last post has become Coralline's motto, but she said she's going to hold off for now, we did warn her to not let it get out of hand.

So Sunday we are all getting together---and none of the boys---including my brother is going to wiggle off this hook.

Later Darklings


  1. Oh, I love garter snakes. I used to let little silver ones run through my hair when I was a kid, and then I'd go and show off, trying to make convince everyone I was Medusa.

  2. Oh Tea, that is so funny!!! I never did quite have the courge to do that, but I loved how they'd wrap around my arm and wrist, I wonder if Coralline will have that type of courage?