Saturday, October 12, 2013

Of Saturday, chilly Saturday~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Yes I've been up early and wearing warm clothing, even Belladonna is wearing her warm sweater, (with the skulls on it).  

Some friends of mine are arriving and setting up coffee and tea pots and noshes (donuts, bagels etc).

We are doing a brunch followed by late lunch yard clean up.  I had our waste company drop off a dumpster designed for yard waste, (no dirt or sod), so we can clean up and prepare the garden for winter.  My gardener does a good job, but we are looking at completely clearing out all the weeds and brambles from the pet cemetery area as well as any hidden rotting debrie.

My Brother and sister-in-law will be arriving with the Clan in just a few minutes.  They are bringing a change of clothing so we can go to the Pirates of Emmerson haunted house this evening, so I think we'll order Pizza for dinner and my Brother asked if the they can all camp out inside my home for the night, not wanting to do a long drive home.

So I said the boys and their father could sleep in the "maids' room" down stairs,  Coralline and her Mother could sleep in Coralline's room. 

A bit of a Sleep over,  the halloween decorations are up and in latter part of next week Doyle and I will be in Old Town Sacramento staying at the Delta King, our mini-vacation...I'm looking forward to that.

Must go, people are arriving.

Later Darklings
It's so hard to keep a good cemetery neat and spooky.

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  1. Brunch near the pet cemetery and a family sleepover? Sounds like a great day :)