Monday, October 21, 2013

Of a "Ghostly, Mystery" Vacation~~~~

Hello My Darklings,

I'm at a free wi-fi service here in Sacramento but Doyle and I will be leaving later today, and all I can say is that our vacaton was wonderful.

We stayed aboard the Delta King, a floating Riverboat hotel, and yes the nights did get chilly so warm sweaters are a must, and one night the fog rose up from the river, our room was very nice with a lovely river view, and I do have to admit depending on your pricing the rooms can be a bit on the small side but you ARE on a Riverboat and space is limited.

We enjoyed dining on the boat and had a special dining package with the mystery suspense theatre, I think it's called Suspects theater, and you don't know if you are dining with a victim, a suspect, or a detective.  And you have to help figure out the mystery, such Fun!

But that wasn't all, Doyle had made reservations for a tour on one of Sacramento's Ghost Walk Tours, and Underground Old Sacramento,  there was something about being able to walk on the old Riverboat, watch the river flow by at night, we had a full moon as well, it added to the ghostly atmosphere, add the river fog and all at once you are not in the 21st century but back in the 19th. 

The ghosts of those merchants, gamblers, bankers, miners, farmers, villians, women of means and women of the streets all floated along, calling to you to forget the present, go to the past where you could disappear, no one would know you, you could take on a different persona, make your own way or die trying.  Some people think it was romantic, but there was disease and pestilience, and for some people bathing was not very often, and a wrong word was reason for a shoot out.  And they floated out there, calling to one, some people say that they can hear the screams of people who died when two riverboats that were racing blew up, being burned to death by the hot steam or the fire or drowing.   Even the River is haunted and demands its sacrifice if you dig for its gold.

At one time in the 1860's Sacramento and much of the Central Valley was flooded like Noah's flood, the new govenor instead of taking a carriage to the capitol had to take a boat, the river had no channel and the riverboats could go everywhere,  now a days they call that type of flooding a Noahchian flood, rare but it does happen, now dams prevent that.

And late at night, when most of old Sacramento is in bed, if one stands on the deck of the Delta King and looks at the town, it seems like time has stood still, only the faint honking of a car horn breaks that spell, few places are like that, New Orleans, Old Town Sacramento, even historic gold rush town of Columbia give that feeling of time freezing for just a moment, San Francisco lost that ages ago with its high rises, but now and then peeping through the fog the city becomes like it was in the 1940's and 50's black and white, film noir.  Parts of London can still give that feeling, but its rare.

Now Doyle brings me my 2nd cup of coffee and we'll have to be going,  he needs to see someone at one of the Capitol offices, then back to the real world.

I've been in touch with my niece "Coralline" and 'Trisha she says she recieved your card and just loves it.  My sister says we need to go to the new Target store and buy candy and Belladonna misses me;  so more Halloween preperation to do.

Later Darklings

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  1. Oh Rose, I'm so happy she likes the card! I was just thinking of Coralline this morning, wondering if she'd received it yet.