Monday, October 14, 2013

Of Monday, Aviator cocktails, and a possible BART strike~~~

Hello and Good Morning Darklings,

Yes, Moi up early in the A.M.  who would have thought.  But it seems that when I wake up although the clock says 7 a.m. it Does feel like 6 a.m.  I will be so glad when Daylight Savings Time is over.  Of course Belladonna did not want to leave her nice warm bed, I still have her in her sweater and she was under her bed covers (yes doggie bed covers) so I have not forced her, she'll get up when she wants to.

I am so glad I do not work on Mondays and Fridays anymore,  I've been following the news and people thought that BART unions were going to strike today, but not----at least for 24 hours.  This whole thing is so silly and the public is fed up with the unions holding out, it seems anything to do with transportation is not sitting well with the general public.

BART management has given their best and final offer, which is more than before, and BART unions are acting coy hinting its still not enough, but from what I can detect between the verbage, I think the unions are wary of public opinion right now, the public is not on their side....AND there is a move up in Sacramento to design and pass a bill preventing state wide any kind of transit strike, I do believe that New York and at least two other states have a simular bill.  

Both Unions and Management do not want that kind of bill, but I have a feeling it will pass, anything that interfers with the economy, creates chaos and grid lock now a days is not looked upon favorably.   So BART and possibly AC Transit Unions may have shot themselves in the foot.  Well that is what happens if you become too greedy.

Doyle and Sis have left for their respective offices early today,  Doyle muttering about doing background checks,  and Sis saying she'll be glad to have her house done so she can get out of her lease on her office.  And I will be making dinner.  Good Old Fashion Monday Meatloaf.  But I came across a dessert called Pumpkin Crunch, such a good alternative to pumpkin pie.  So I'll be a housefrau today, which is good, my maid service is coming in today.

And meal planning, bill paying all those wonderful mundane things to do. 

Last night Doyle made Aviator cocktails, they have a sky blue color, and it is not made with Blue curaco but Creme de Violete very hard to get I understand but Doyle has his sources, it is a cocktail from the 1920's and such a floral taste almost refreshing----now Doyle said if one uses Palma Violetes or another liquor it tastes different, but he wanted to try this,  I fell in love with it, now there are a lot of receipes out there but the original is best to follow.

I asked Doyle why he wanted to try it and he reminded me of an earlier episode of "The Blacklist" where James Spader's character introduces the heroine to the Aviator cocktail---this is sort of a Hannibal character but with a slight difference, unfortunately it runs the same time as "Castle" so we record it and watch it on Tuesday right after the 6 p.m. news,  I find Spader's character devious, a manipulative, but why is his character getting rid of those he's done business with and who are very evil?  What is his motive?  It is far more enjoyable than "Revenge" which is just a fancy Soap Opera,  and "Scandal" is fine but I am not intrigued by that program as much. 

What we have found is that if there are programs that run at the same time we Tivo them and then watch them during "blank spots" in the regular T.V. programing---"Blank Spots" being programs we're not interested in, since we try to have dinner at 6 p.m. if possible, one blank spot is the 7 to 8 p.m. slot. and on weekends it can extend to the 8 to 9 p.m. slot as well.

And I must confess I've become hooked on "The Good Wife" now the plot line is getting very interesting, before it bored me, but Sis liked it.  But now we have "Sleepy Hollow" "Bones", "The Originals" and our favorites, "Castle", "Blue Bloods", "Supernatural", "Big Bang Theory", "NCIS" "NCIS-LA", "CSI", "Criminal Minds", "Person of Interest",  sorry but "Elementary" has lost me,  "Hawaii 50" is still interesting but I don't think it will survive this season.  We've been checking in on "Vampire Diaries"  Sis watches it because of some of her younger clients, but its still too juvenile for me, although I think the Damon character is interesting, he reminds me of a young man I dated many years ago, always acting like a bad boy, but secretly had a good heart and did kind and helpful things for people without their knowing it.  Same green eyes--mmmmmm.

But what has Happened to "Hannibal" and "Nikita"  I didn't hear of them being cancelled.  Unless "Hannibal" is one of those 13 weeks mid-season runs.  Doyle insists that we buy the series "Foyle's War" I agree I enjoy the degree of research into the history of that program and its set design.

But now I understand there are still a few more programs to premier, oh decisions, decisions.

Now I must go, Belladonna finally rose from her bed and has done her thing and is barking at the squirrels, I guess I'll have to go and referee and the Maid Service will be here in the next half-hour, and I still have to get the inside of the house decorated for Halloween, not that I have to do much, just to get out a few things and plan the menu for the party.

Later Darklings

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