Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Of "Ding-Dong The BART Strike is dead" and a kitchen stove~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well just a play on words, but in a nutshell, the BART Strike is over.  I think with having the Liut. Govenor There (Gavin Newsom) at the bargaining table and the tragic death of two BART staffers (one was management and the other a contractor), made the Unions wake up and Management ease up.

The Unions because most of the public is not on their side because their hardlineness is causing the general public to be out of work and lose money.  Management because they want this to end and it is easier to bend like a reed than to stand up like a tree.

But Newsom said something that I think is a signal to both Union and Management to transit workers state wide.  He stated that this will never happen again----oh I think Darklings that something is in the works, possibly a bill that would prevent such strikes from happening again and damaging the economy, there were a lot of people who could not get to their jobs because they do not have cars, or only one shared car. 

I think Darklings, that the Unions have shot themselves in the foot with this, oh they want things but when the Liut. Govenor steps in it shows that they have gotten out of hand and now they are possibly going to lose a bargaining chip.

I drive, I have a car, but taking public transit is so much easier for me, less stressful and less wear and tear on my car.  In my sisters' or Doyle's case their car is needed and must be used and they keep tabs on their millage for work related travel so they'd get a tax write off.

I'm glad that today I don't have to go in until 4 p.m. I'm being picked up by my car pool, then I'll have tomorrow off because I'm working late tonight, this was all pre-arranged in case of a strike, but since it will take almost a whole day to get the trains running properly we're going to do it this time, then things will be "back on track" for me Thursday.

Ahhh but Happy, Happy Joy Joy, Darklings,  my "new" used stove have been delivered and is waiting for Sis and I to tackle it to get it clean and make the appointment to have it serviced and calibrated.  Even with it's grime and wear it is a thing of beauty to be made a joy forever.  We are still using the apartment stove until we have the O.K. and I am just so excited about it.  I know Darklings, how can one be excited about something as mundane as a stove?  A homemaker and a good cook know that a good stove, refrigerator, washer, dryer, iron and ironing board, and a good sturdy clothes line, plus a working toaster and can opener can make a difference.  One can go into raptures about the latest App or Ipad or whatever, but that is transient---unless it helps with one's work.  I can be that way about a new microscope, if it makes my work easier and more efficent and this stove is a dream.

This weekend is going to be a busy one for me getting things together for our halloween party plus candy goodies for the little trick or treaters---My sister is going to drag me to this new Target tomorrow to see if we can get some candy bargains and see what they have, then I'll be menu planning, my Cousin Louise is going to help out planning it, she's a wonderful cook.  And yes she is going to go ahead with her divorce, she has a good lawyer and she knows what she wants.

Now I must put together what I need to take to work.

Later Darklings

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